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    Something to think about, and sheep ammo.

    Well, as I understand the scripture as I have read it, I take the Nephilim/ Gibborim to be not human, nor truly giants, but they are said (in the bible) to be the offspring of humans and 'angels'. Also, another point to be taken would be the fact that while in eden Adam and Eve came to realize...
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    Something to think about, and sheep ammo.

    Okay, some of you may not understand the reference to sheep ammo. This is a term i use to classify anything that is devoutly believed by judaeochristians, that can be used against them when they start spouting doctrine at you. So, here goes. I would like, for a moment, to take you back to the...
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    "The One"

    True and not true. (From my personal point of view.) As I understand it, from a Wiccan standpoint this is. There is a deity higher than the god and the goddes, in a technical sense. This deity however did not create the god and goddes, but humans, yes humans, created them as a way of relating to...
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    Thing thing of it is that they, like us, are all different from one another, to judge them all as a single entity would be to become just like those among them, and ourselves, who do so.
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    Philosophy of Paganism

    For Wicca, I honestly cannot think of any better authors than the ones who were first to stand up and be counted as witches. Gerald Gardner, Raymond Buckland, Gavin and Yvonne (Spelling?) Frost, and Gerina Dunwich. These were the first Wiccans to "Come out of the broom closet." To use an already...
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    Does Somebody Have To Be Wrong?

    The answer is (from a Wiccan Standpoint): No. No one is necessarily wrong. Each person/group of people has his/her/their own way of relating to the unfathomable divine. No human could possibly conceive the true vastness of a deity, and therefore we create religions as our way understanding this...