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  1. IMSassafras

    New Seekers of the Faith...

    Thank you, InLove, for the kind words. I agree! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Art, "Thank you" for my misdating of Baby Florence Sassafras' birth. I have corrected my mistake. warmly, Sass
  2. IMSassafras

    New Seekers of the Faith...

    I would like to share with you the photo I promised of Baby Florence Sassafras. She is so beautiful and her eyes are gorgeous. ;) Florence is re-cooperating back home. Her and the baby are fine. Marvin has talked to the Baha'is in the area on the telephone a couple of times and have scheduled...
  3. IMSassafras

    New Seekers of the Faith...

    Everyone, Thank you for the prayers and the sites. New news on our new member of the Baha'i Faith. Florence Sassafras was born January 21 approxiamately 1am. The happy father of this new Handmaiden of God rushed home to convey to us this wonderful news. The mother is doing ok, but needs to...
  4. IMSassafras

    non-Baha'is "utterly destroyed"?

    Well, I think you will shock a person by saying in one quick breathe that the return of Christ has come and if you don't accept him right now you are "utterly destroyed", so I think there is some time allowed to ponder. But to say exactly how much time is the right amount of time, that is not...
  5. IMSassafras

    New Seekers of the Faith...

    Ya! Baha'u'l-Abha! I have a wonderful announcement for the Believers of the Faith... Mick and I are ecstatic to let everyone here at CR know that we were contacted via Skype Messenger by a couple in Senegal, West Africa with questions about the Baha'i Faith only eight days ago. We have...
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    Buzzly, I have just got a chance to read your posts. I welcome you to CR. I can see your logic, but at the same time I have to disagree. I kind of feel like I am listening to a theory and weighing out all the if/then, pro/con, logical/illogical yada-yada-yada and saying...
  7. IMSassafras

    Origin of the symbols used in the Baha'i faith

    Postmaster, I found a site a while back which gives the different calligraphy of the Greatest Name designed by Mishkín-Qalam. The site is located at Dedicated to "The Greatest Name" Here is another site about the ring symbol and the Greatest Name...
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    Since Genealogy is still a question, I figured I would post this URL to a PDF file which shows the Genealogy of Adam through Shoghi Effendi from a Baha'i perspective, without so many words. URL: Genealogy of Prophets Happy Self-Investigation to all!!! Sassafras
  9. IMSassafras

    A Baha'i Receiving Support from Irani Government?

    The Chinese poem you mention sounds interesting. I am not familar with it. Could you explain it?
  10. IMSassafras

    A Baha'i Receiving Support from Irani Government?

    I suspect the Irani government is shuddering at this very moment. This information came to Mick through a Yahoo Alert. It is a Letter to the Editor from the Berkeley Daily Planet: IDs Come Home to Roost: The UCPD Taser Case in a Global Context By now many people have seen the shocking...
  11. IMSassafras

    Why does Baha'i accept Shia and not Sunni?

    Hello Everyone, Call me crazy, but isn't the information that Imran is looking for in the book The Dalá'il-i-Sab'ih (The Seven Proofs) by the Bab? If so, then the only problem is it hasn't been translated completely. Imran, you are welcome to check this out. Hopefully you can read...
  12. IMSassafras

    Islam and The Bahai Faith

    Thank you, Brian.
  13. IMSassafras

    Jesus son of Krishna?

    Hello Silverbackman, Since you think religion would "do better united as one religion that way all the confusion on who is right and who is wrong [would] end", maybe having one language and one government would also "do better...that way all the confusion on who is right and who is wrong...
  14. IMSassafras

    A problem?

    I have noticed some errors in this paragraph I would like to correct: If a moderator could pleace make these changes, it would be appreciated. warmly, Sassafras
  15. IMSassafras

    A problem?

    This is the day when dogmas must be sacrificed in our search for truth. We must leave behind all save what is necessary for the needs of today, nor attach ourselves to any form or ritual which is in opposition to moral evolution. (Abdu'l-Baha, Divine Philosophy, p. 67) Congregational prayer...
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    A problem?

    Post coming soon!!!
  17. IMSassafras

    A problem?

    Hello Awaiting the Fifth, You are welcome to ask any question your heart desires with no feelings of intrusion or contention from anyone here. Bahá'u'lláh warned us about how rituals can bring harm to the moral evolution of mankind. Certain rituals of the past have been abolished by...
  18. IMSassafras

    Welcome back :)

    Hello Art, Mick and I just got back from a three week long road trip. I popped into CR last night to see what was up and seen you had posted. It makes me smile to know you are back :D . Big hugs from Mick and I... O====:)====O . Love Both of Us
  19. IMSassafras

    what convinced you your faith is the truth?

    Paul, I would have to say what convinced me most of all that the Baha'i Faith was, in fact, the Truth, was Progressive Revelations. The interconnectedness of all the Religions of God is explained through Progressive Revelations. All the Religions support God's Message of the past and gives...
  20. IMSassafras

    Baha'is as a Middle East Controversy

    Thank you, 9Harmony, for sharing this letter with us. It is so beautiful to see "action" take place by those people not even in the middle of the situation -- these people are true humanitarians. The support the Baha'i community is getting from these blessed humanitarians should serve to be...