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    knowledge vs. belief

    is it not possible that is also true of man's inhumanity to man? isn't it possible that there's something far deeper and more purposeful going on, than we are presently willing to accept? despite our judging actions or events as being discriminate, indiscriminate, good, or evil... i think every...
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    knowledge vs. belief

    but then what of the observation that asteroids, earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, and tornadoes are some of nature's (not mankind's) most violent killers? are these not all natural events which kill indiscriminately, even to the point of extinction of entire species? peace
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    CR, civility, and Free Speech

    anyone who chooses to post, on these CR forums, must first register to do so. the first thing they encounter, when registering, is the "Code of Conduct" to which they must agree. thus there clearly is no blanket free-speech protection, but that is not to say that anyone can not speak freely...
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    War and Resource Exploitation vs. Sustainable Living

    while there may be additional details, descriptions, causes, and effects... i think that subject-line sums thingz up, rather nicely. thanks for posting it! i think essentially we can come from one of two places, FEAR or LOVE! of course we have other descriptors which may fit neatly into either...
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    Which religion do you follow?

    just for the record, i did not select any of the POLL options. i consider myself to be a spiritual person, and i believe in god. but i follow no religion and am not searching for one, been-there done-that for the first two decades of my current sojourn in this physical shell. at the same time...
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    personally, i'm not one for expectations or predictions (i prefer living in the now). but some years ago i had an interest in the photon belt that we'll be passing through (?) and have done so in the past as well (?). i had, in the past, concluded that it will be both an energetic and spiritual...
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    Enslavement and Empowerment

    juantoo3 (i really like that choice of username, and thanks for the welcome!), i think i understand from whence you're coming... and also your choice to narrow-down what you are presenting. i have come along a similar path (i think), but currently i'm more inclined to view all thingz physical...
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    Persistant Ancient Pagan Traditions

    click the link below, then goto the bottom of the document after it loads. it's there you'll find a good explanation of the origin of this particular tradition: OriginsOfPopularSuperstitions.pdf and/or Google's HTML archive of that same PDF document
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    No proselytizing! Is it possible?

    i've don't know exactly why right-click-paste is not an option for you. perhaps it's a scripting thing within microsoft software or within vBulletin? however; i think you should still be able to use your keyboard (to paste) once something is copied to your windows-clipboard. have you tried...
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    Enslavement and Empowerment

    just a couple of observations, and comments, of my own: i'm inclined to think that we can be, and in fact that we are, all of these things. perhaps it is our own self-doubt, or perhaps it is our own gluttony and greed, which leaves us lacking? for example, on a very simplistic level: on the one...
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    No proselytizing! Is it possible?

    those are my thotz as well. peace