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    Too Much Net Time? How it impacts "RealLife"

    That's so weird. Andy loves to know what I talking about online. Maybe it helps stop him getting suspicious or worried or maybe he just loves me so that he wants to share! I'd be concerned if there was a an emotional wall caused by the web as it looks like you both have it. If he's doesn't like...
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    types of Buddhism?

    I've read a lot of posts that there are different types of Buddhism. But what differences and types are actually around? And what is Zen? What's the difference between Buddhism from Nepal and other coutries like India and Malaysia? And is Biddha really worshipped as a God? Thanks, I've just got...
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    What is death?

    I'd like to think it was all true in a way. We just don't know though. If I die and there's nothing I just won't know about so I wouldn't be able to get upset about it.
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    Is God omniscient or limited?

    If there are smaller gods then aren't they just like the saints?
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    Can spirituality really be taught?

    So it sounds like selling happiness.
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    Did Jesus Have a family?

    That's a lot of information! I'm glad my question has been answered. Did Jesus really have brothers and sisters? It's really interesting that idea. Did anyone of them become disciples?
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    Moving stress. Aarh!

    We have the little room stacked full of little boxes already! I'm too whacked to open them all for a bit. Too much work! Already been busy like silly. Time to relax. Oh please let me relax! I'll try to unpack them before we move next! :)
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    Divine Will versus Free Will

    I like your rambles Bill! They are one of the highlights of my reading here. You take the time to explain what you mean and I really like that. :)
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    Are you happy?

    I'm happy that we finished moving! I'll be even more happy when all the moving boxes are emptied! Not yet though! Oh maybe in a minute. Almost finished my tea and biscuit. :)
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    Can spirituality really be taught?

    I had a friend who did a type of meditation course spent hundreds doing it. Even they told me after it was a waste of money! There's a big market in selling people peace and hope. I hope that other courses are more decent and charge for costs not profit.
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    I love the idea of angles. I don't know if its just fantasy though. If there's a God then is there really something inbetween? Is it just a Christian belief as well?
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    Biblical funnies

    Are you still thinking about a jokes section? That would be a good idea.
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    Your funeral

    I'll be the saddest person at my own funeral. Boo hoo!
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    Moving stress. Aarh!

    Well I've not been around a for whil as some of you may have noticed! We got to move out of our pokey little flat and moved across Nottingham into a small house. It's all been a silly rush and lots of hectic stress and aarhh! I think we're finally settled a bit now! There are boxes everywhere...
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    Introducing Aisling

    You're welcome! :) And hi! What brings you to this windy isle? Surely it's warmer in the United States? Ireland is a better place to be with less pollution and noise I'll bet!
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    aged hippy

    Hi there too! Glad to see other people from the UK!
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    Hi back at ya!
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    About the Introductions board!

    I think it's a great idea! I love seeing people as people and not just names with a pretty pic. I'll try and get something up soon but it's really hectic here and we've only just moved. Everything is so in a mess!
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    The ACLU, NAMBLA, God, and The O'Reilly Factor.

    that sounds so gross. You seriously having me on?We don't have anything like that here. They'd get lynched.