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    Hi :))

    Welcome Joslia I think you'll find this forum at least educational. Enjoy! Michael
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    Alternative Forum set-up

    But that sounds like almost everything would fall under "Dharmic traditions." I'm not sure how many traditions are truly polytheistic, either, but I've spoken with a few people who claim their religions are (Traditional Witchcraft--not Wicca--and Wotanism).
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    Homosexuality and Religion

    I believe the Bible is a spiritual guide and is very valuable in this function. I believe it was inspired by God, but was still written by human hands. When Paul (okay, in the letters *attributed* to him) condemns, or says that God condemns, homosexuality, I think it's possible that Paul...
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    Paganism and environmentalism

    I do think we need to be careful how much we mix religion and politics, but environmental activism in this age is necessary. If neo-pagans are working for this effort, more power to them. I think its more a point of how informed we are before we jump into any form of activism.
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    Misconceptions and quries about Islam

    I am not a Muslim and I still think this is an unfair statement. It may be true that Muslims believe there are no mistakes in the Quran, and you may have shown that this isn't true. There are certainly plenty of Christians who feel the same way about the Bible. I don't believe the Bible is...
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    Intimations of the divine

    Interesting. My belief is panenthesitic so it does contain some of these same ideas. I believe that the divine is both immanent in nature and transcends it. This is still a very thoughtful idea. I tend to think that the divine is both creator and created, because deity forms or shapes...
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    Yes, it *is* interesting. Welcome to the forum, Frogsong!
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    Alternate Realities/Alternate Universes

    Certainly, Quahom. Part of the idea I had after reading Hawking's book was to suggest some way that it can be done, at least speculatively and within the context of a fictional story. I may not actually offer that suggestion, but I will at least have the characters pull it off! Oh, and...
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    Alternate Realities/Alternate Universes

    Ah, thank you Phyllis. I thought it was a pretty good book.
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    Thank you, Phyllis. I certainly understand that--although its been a while for me.
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    Holy Spirit: feminine form?

    Thank you, barefootgal9, for the reply. The White Buffalo Calf Woman sounds interesting too, and I think I will look it up myself. Since I am unfamiliar with the topic of your query, it would be difficult for me engage in any discussion concerning it. The only thing I can think of that...
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    I suppose I am still aspiring, although I have one book in production now with a print-on-demand publisher. It will take a lot of work to progress that way. The POD is still waiting for me to submit a second manuscript that I have been taking my sweet ol' time editing. We'll see how well this...
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    Shameless Self Promotion

    Archangel: I listened to one of the songs and I am *very* impressed. Good stuff.
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    Scientific Arguments>

    Hello, lunamoth: Thank you very much for your reply. It does seem to relate very well with my feelings. After all these years of personal inquiry and searching, this still seems a true statement. I think I am still looking. I believe I have had some glimmers of it, and one that was...
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    Forum infancy

    Thank you, Vajradhara.
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    Forum infancy

    As these forums are a new thing for me altogether, I have been a bit negligent with my posts and I sincerely apologize to all who have been affected. I have derailed a few threads and I, as stated elsewhere, promise to be more considerate of this from now on. Suanni has been extremly helpful...
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    How much did Jesus know he was God?

    As for Jesus' awareness of his "Divinity" I can only speculate. I *presume* he was aware of something, but I don't really know. Since his body was human that may have caused some disconnection with his origin. Since I believe that matter and spirit are somehow connected, it's hard to say. There...
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    Thank you, suanni. I promise to think more before I make these posts.
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    Polytheism and Hinduism

    Henotheism I'm very curious about this. I've checked the link on henotheism and found it informative. I must confess that these terms are new to me. I am familiar with monotheism, polytheism, pantheism, and panentheism form a limited study of philosophy and mythology, so I guess I need read...
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    Again, I think I may be telling people here something they already know. So far I have learned more from this forum than from any other medium I've used in the past (maybe because I didn't know where to look). :)