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    Clarification of terms

    Greetings Vajradhara, Please forgive me for the delay...I'm not ignoring you. I'm a little bogged down with work right now. I will reply soon in sha' Allah. veritasamat
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    Clarification of terms

    Greetings Vajradhara, You asked: "if one is a kuffar, i.e. one that doesn't accept the truth of Islam, however, one does perform good works, not out of pride or arrogance, but genuinely to help others, does not associate anything with God nor worships idols, will Allah judge us upon our works...
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    Clarification of terms

    Greetings Vajradhara, 'Kaffir' comes from the root 'kfr'; I think the most literal translation would be 'to cover up or conceal'. This is referring to those who have heard and understood the truth, but they choose to close their eyes, cover it up and reject it. The word 'kaffir' is usually...
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    Query on Islamic viewpoints

    Greetings Stonemonk, Here is an article on Islamic environmentalism that I found for you...I hope this helps. Of course, not all muslims share the same sensitivity toward the environment, and most muslims are not completely...
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    matter and energy

    Hello all, I came across this statement in a book I am reading: "Physicists have agreed that matter and energy are essentially the same thing." I'm sure this is an elementary question, but I was wondering if one of you who is more scientifically minded could tell me if this is true, and...
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    Eschatology and Islam

    Hello Susmo, Yes, I am a muslim. If you examine my beliefs, I'm sure I'd fit into the category of sunni, but beyond that I do not pledge allegiance to any particular school of thought, but rather look at what different schools have to say regarding any given issue, and choose according to logic...
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    Eschatology and Islam

    Greetings Mr. Lauffer, I will venture to post a reply regarding Muslim eschatology. In my opinion, the Islamic view of the end-times does not differ very much from the basic Christian concept, with some notable exceptions regarding the role of Jesus. I am not familiar with what you are...
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    A Question Mainly Directed Towards the Muslims and bananabrain

    hello susmo, I believe the religious authority you are referring to is the apostle I right? :D If I remember right, the issue he was addressing was whether or not the animal had been slaughtered as a sacrifice to another god, not whether or not it was kosher. Anyway, it's true...
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    A Question Mainly Directed Towards the Muslims and bananabrain

    hello there... The practice of feeding cows ground up parts from dead cows is forbidden in Islam. There is a prohibition on eating any animal that scavenges carcasses, like vultures or hyenas. Cows are naturally herbivores. When you feed them dead cow parts, you are turning them into...
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    Differing Views of God

    Greetings, Kindness to animals is taught in Islam. Here is a link to a short article, if anyone is interested to read it.... In Islam, man is considered the one earthly creature who received from Allah the responsibility of free-will...
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    French secularism and headscarves

    So true BlueCanary. But also consider, the women's headscarf in Islam is not just a religious symbol like a yarmulke or cross necklace. It is a piece of clothing like shirt or dress. To tell girls they may not wear it is like saying they must show up to school without their top. For those who...
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    Hello everyone, I had mentioned in a previous post that I thought many people confused their religion as the end rather than the means and therefore fell into the danger of loving their religion more than God. I found this poem by Rumi that I think says it well. "Many have been led astray...
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    Fundamentalist Christianity

    That's from the Bible...1Corinthians13, a poetic description of the eternal nature of divine love. "Love never ends. But if there are prophecies, they shall end, if there are tongues, they shall cease, if there is any knowledge, it will vanish away. For now we know in part, and we prophecy in...
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    Lord of the Rings

    Greetings everyone, I just saw "The Return of the King" this week. I have watched all 3 movies and very much enjoyed the story. However, I noticed something in the last installment that was a little disappointing. Did anyone else notice that at the last battle, all the good characters are...
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    Differing Views of God

    The view of God in Islam is much as arthra said: One cannot comprehend God completely, but can know of him through his creation, and through messages sent by prophets. Also, there is a revelation of God that is in every human's conscience from birth. Beyond that, I do believe that people are...
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    What book are you reading at the moment?

    I just finished reading "The Humanure Handbook" by Phillip Jenkins, about the pollution and insanity of our modern civilized "sanitation" system. He advocates thermophilic composting of human feces to be used as an hygenic agricultural resource, and also talks about alternative graywater...
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    Question about Arminius and Christianity

    Hello User2, If my memory serves, Arminius was a 16th century Protestant scholar who is mainly remembered for developing a theology that emphasized human free-will as opposed to the predestination of John Calvin. Calvinism vs. Arminianism was a big controversy in the church at that time. I...
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    Thank you for your welcome and thank you Vajradhara for your response. In sha'Allah this will be an enlightening engagement. :)
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    interesting experience

    Greetings everyone, I was reading an explanation of the word "namaste" and it made me think of an experience I had once. I was hoping someone here might have an insight into what it means, if anything. I was waiting in the corridor of a hospital for a friend who had gone to visit a patient...
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    Greetings everyone, I am new to the forum and this is my first post. :) I actually followed Vajradhara here from the Understanding Islam discussion forum. Vajradhara, I read your recent post announcing your departure from the forum. In it you said you had learned some things about Islam and...