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    heres a interesting question if you think about it,

    You are missing the purpose of seperation of church and state. It is not just to keep the influence of religion out of our government, but to keep the infuence of government out of your beliefs. Would you want a Catholic president telling protestents how to worship? This was a serious concern...
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    Comparative Mythology

    I read that book recently and would also recommend it, and yes, the etymology does get to be a bit much at times, but its still a good book. There are many parallels between different mythologies that are very interesting. Though trying to prove what myths are derived form earlier cultures or...
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    Vikings , christianity.

    I think the image of the devil with horns/cloven feet, comes mostly from Pan, the satyr and trickster god of Greek mythology. He represented a lustful, untamed sexuality that was not popular with the early christianity. Christians often depicted pagan gods as evil (an attitude that still exists...
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    Vikings , christianity.

    .......I am going to tread lightly on this subject in order to NOT upset anyone or instigate an argument . Just rational dialogue if you will . Today I was drawing a picture of a sort of devilish figure on the water and then a thought occured: Devils (I've seen in religious art since I was a...