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    Conversion Help!

    As a slight addendum to Dauer's post, 1 out of 39 Jews in the US converted at some point or another.
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    Woman's freeway signs stir creation debate

    Darwin's book is the prototypical version of the evolution theory. Would you say that the Wealth of Nations (by Adam Smith) is a functional textbook on modern economics theory?
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    I've always read the idea of Sheol as being like the Greek concept of Hades (the place, not the god). It's not so much a place for sinners, it's just where everyone goes when they die as a final resting place. I personally doubt the existence of an afterlife, though, at least in the sense of...
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    Christian Idolaters?

    Indeed. To use the Jews for Judaism example... It's all too common for Mark Cohen to grow up in a nonreligious Jewish family, maybe get bar mitzvah'd and go to services on Yom Kippur annually, and that be his only experience of being Jewish. The consequence of this is the fact that suddenly he...
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    What are the Differences between the Abrahamic Faiths?

    Which parts are wrong? Islam doesn't have a 'Messiah' as far as I know, and Judaism's canon comprises a lot more than the Tanakh.
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    Yom Kippur

    I've only been to one Yom Kippur service ever, but I think I can nonetheless adequately answer the question. (OK, I suppose three services, although all on the same day if you want to think of it that way.) It's still the Day of Atonement. "Yom Kippur" literally means "Day of Atonement"...
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    More Questions...

    Yes. It's not one of the Noachide laws, so it is therefore entirely optional. I'm not sure what you mean by 'he provided an example for Adam.' Can you elaborate on this point?
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    More Questions...

    Yep, anyone can go, Jewish or not. It might be a good idea to read up on what will be going on beforehand though, so you don't seem too out of place. Wikipedia has a decent article on the subject: Jewish services - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A better question would be why would there be...
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    History of the Jews

    Dauer: It's worth noting that all Kohanim ARE descended from the same person from around 1000 BCE (the person called Y-Chromosomal Aaron). It doesn't confirm much other than that the Jewish people existed as a distinct entity during the time the events of the Book of Exodus supposedly took place.
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    L'shana tova

    Sephardi and Ashkenazi traditions are just that... different. I wouldn't say one is better than the other. They both have their merits. For example, during Passover, Sephardi tradition allows Jews to eat rice and other grains that are not specified as prohibited while Ashkenazi tradition does...
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    L'shana tova

    It is 5767. Shanah tovah.
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    What's wrong with the Jewish God?

    No one has claimed differently. I've never met a Jew that actually understands the ideas presented in Islam that denies that fact because it's so very obvious. 'Attributes'? What 'attributes'? And yet, you claim Mohammed was the Final Prophet, ie the Seal of the Prophets--Which is it? Was...
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    If God was to send us a message.

    God would say, "You people should really stop hurting each other. Seriously. I should smack you."
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    What's wrong with the Jewish God?

    The Romans recorded who they executed pretty thoroughly. There was never a person named "Yeshua". Moreover, the "Jews" that appear in the Christian scriptures typically are gross parody or satire of what Jews are and what their behaviours are as a group of people. OK... Why? Therein lies a...
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    What's wrong with the Jewish God?

    It's not the same now as it was three thousand years ago. This isn't a problem because halakha can and does change over time. Halakha is a legal code, but it is also the traditions of the Jewish people (which is why Askenazi and Sephardi Halakha are both different!) I have serious doubts Sharia...
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    What's wrong with the Jewish God?

    This is true of Judaism as well. I was surprised to hear that having sex on Friday nights is a double-mitzvah. Regarding things as trivial as brushing teeth, the Talmud suggests one should say one hundred blessings a day. The typical interpretation of this is that the person should always be...
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    The universe is flying apart. The distance between solar systems and between galaxies continues to increase constantly. As time increases to infinity, the distance between bodies of matter in space also increases to infinity. In a few million years, the distance between the milky way and other...
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    In the news

    Here's a more relevant question: Would a gay couple want to get married in a church that does not want them? Would a gay couple want to get married by a priest or minister who is performing the ceremony under duress and actually feels that both of them are going to hell? I may not be a...
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    In what way does it cost a married employee for another employee in a same-sex relationship to have health insurance?
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    In the news

    Irrelevant. Such countries exist and would be morally and legally acceptable according to your way of thinking. The United States could conceivably, under your understanding, be such a country at some point in the future acceptably without any problems. I see such a society as dangerous.