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    types of Buddhism?

    IF you are inherently unhappy, you will always find something to criticize about other religions or your own. Ultimately, your religion should help you examine yourself and help you be a better person. If participating in ritual helps people connect to a greater truth, albeit unconsciously, then...
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    Nichiren Buddhism

    ps: they are always saying stuff like "Sensei said..." and "Sensei that" but I don't see any mention of the Buddha. A little strange. And Buddha did not say that the fulfillment of your desires is enlightenment. But this is what the Sokka Gakkai believe. It seems that they are encouraging people...
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    Nichiren Buddhism

    Hi All, I went to one of their meetings as my friend belongs to Sokka Gakkai. She seemed to be enjoying the group and I was eager to visit. My friend suffers from depression. There was some chanting (for about an hour) and then there was a meeting of about seven of us. They talked about how the...