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    about those cool aviatars

    Hey, Thanks for the help. I can't promise I will have one soon, but watch out, it's a work in progress!!:D
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    about those cool aviatars

    Is there a web site where you can look at the aviatars some are using? I especially like the one that "I, Brian" uses. (not that I would copy:rolleyes: ) Thanks for any help....
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    Prove that the Bible is full of contradictions-- I double dare you!

    Make it 3 in a row that have read the 1st and last threads. Maybe I missed something in between, but the only inconsistencies I have found were fairly amusing. For instance ( and I don't quote chapter and verse) is in Genesis when God says,"Let us make man is OUR image" (more or less). Who...
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    What's your favorite movie?

    My favorite movies would have to start off with: Field of Dreams I am David The Graduate (plastics) What the bleep 2001 (just for the sound track alone) The Natural Can anyone tell I'm a baseball fan as well?:cool:
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    Sum up your religious belief

    I just read my spiritual belief, and would like to expand on that, if I may. In addition to feeling we are all one, I also believe we have really missed the mark as far as our "worshipping Jesus". I feel Jesus was an enlightened master who came to this realm to show us the way. He pointed at...
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    Sum up your religious belief

    Interesting topic. My belief is that we are all one, that we are all part of a greater force, such as a drop of sea water may be separate from the sea, but is still sea water, and when returned to the sea, becomes one with the sea again.:D