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    From Findhorn to Esoteric Christianity to Catholicism ...

    Thank you, GK. As to Findhorn, I guess I feel it's a little both. There would be some degree of "scientific explanation" as you put it ... but the place also has a spiritual power, which in the end didn't serve me. A question to anyone who can help me ... I uploaded a profile picture onto my...
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    What Use Guilt?

    Gordion Knot, I think one must first distinguish what is meant by "guilt". Certainly, there is a neurotic version, which is basically an ego-trip. One worries because one is not being perfect according to some unhealthy drive. As you write: This is what I'd call neurotic guilt and you...
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    From Findhorn to Esoteric Christianity to Catholicism ...

    Have posted a few little things now and thought it might be good to give just a little background to myself. I'm 50 and now live in Ireland. (Although I am an American and grew up mainly in Oregon - but have lived in 9 countries in all.) My early spiritual quest was entirely New Age. I lived...
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    Must We Confess Our Sin Dailly ?

    Amen. I think the Saints must have felt this on a minute to minute basis.
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    New Age Christianity

    I find myself wondering where, if anywhere, the essence of this would fit into any of the above? For Steiner … the incarnation of [Christ’s] Being (His birth, death, descent into the Earth, resurrection and ascension) is more than the redemptive turning point in humanity’s relationship to God...
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    Anyone study ACIM, etc.?

    Many years ago, when I lived at Findhorn, I loved it. Yet it seemed to lead me ever further towards disincarnating out of this world, which is not surprising ... Given that ACIM is all to do with the illusory nature of this world. Eventually I found my way to Christianity.