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    Why evil if God is so great?

    There are a number of problems with this issue. One is how we recognize evil in time. What immediately appears to be evil, may be in the longer run good. The same is true for the perception of good. What appears to be good, may in the longer run be evil. This may not be a theological issue...
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    The Jesus Seminar

    A theological issue between Catholics and the Reformed churches is the true meaning of Communion. Eucharistos is modern and ancient Greek for "thank you" a ceremony of thanksgiving after the meal in Greek tradition. There is no trace of this in contemporary Passover Seders- Did Palestinian...
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    Some Other Kind of Christianity?

    The humanity of Jesus is a deep issue-when did Jesus become devine-was he already at birth? At the transfiguration? At the resurrection? All kinds of issues come from "what did He know and When did He know it?" As well for Mary. I think this is an issue that deeply divides Protestants and...
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    The Jesus Seminar

    What Jesus actually said is not an issue of theology, or even of history, but of epistemology and "knowability" theory. It is not likely that given the questions of changes in Gospel over time, the problems of philology in 3 languages, we will ever have a methodology that is sure. Perhaps...
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    Jesus adherence to Moses' law

    Forgive me for not having citation to hand, but did not Jesus say he had not come to suspend the law and that he had nothing to say to Gentiles?