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    Saltmeister I am sorry but you seem a little confused. This in just not true. I would question anything that you get from that source.
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    That is not an answer to the question that I posted. I asked if you were making a serious enquiry or were just attempting to stir up conflict.
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    Surah 5:51 says nothing about killing Christians and Jews. I suggest that you read Surah 9:5 in context in order to understand it. Are you just stirring or do you have a serious enquiry about Islams attitude to watfare and violent conflict?
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    Can You Help

    Hi Tina I am afraid that I can't help you on this one. Generally Muslim prayer beads come in strings of either 33 beads or strings of 33 beads, a marker bead, 33 beads, a marker bead then 34 beads, usually the beads are of the same size and the marker beads different size or shape or both. My...
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    The Hajj.

    Shalom Susanna If a Muslim can make the Hadj once in their lifetime then they should. There is no compulsion to change your 'lifestyle' after performing Hadj but it is very common for people to become more spiritually and less materially concerned. Some people change instantly and in others...
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    Services of Worship.

    Hi Susanna I have visited Countries where I have only a few words of the language but always find it a comfort when I attend Mosque and pray the same prayers that I pray at home and that millions of men and women are praying that same day. Peace
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    Services of Worship.

    Hello Susana I am happy that you ask these questions and hope my answers help you a little. In the Mosque we have the five daily prayers, which are always and exclusively in Arabic. On friday we have additiomally, Jummah prayers before which a Kutbah or sermon is delivered by the Iman, this...
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    No idea. None whatsoever. Do you have any opinions on this?
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    At present there is a program called 'the retreat', about a Sufi Retreat and some Muslims and non-Muslims who attend it. Its on BBC2 at 2100 hours on Mondays. Interesting to watch. I would add I am not a Sufi and this program has not made it any more attractive to me.
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    Hi Pico As I have never met anyone who subscribes to this belief then I really can't answer your question. I would imagine they suffer the same sort of blindness as those people who burnt witches or the miriad of other attrocities that have been done in the name of Religions that say, do not...
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    islamic tradition of non-violence?

    I do think that there has been an increase in Saudi influence, via their funding of some Institutions but certainly not a 'de facto' centralised authority. In fact nowhere near. It would not be good if ANY central authority emerged, Saudi or otherwise, I supose its part of our checks and...
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    islamic tradition of non-violence?

    Hi Bannabraib It was a good posting The ultimate decission for this is oneself, of course we should take reference to Scholars but they are not binding on us and we must make the decission for ourselves. There is no centralised Authority in Islam, and no doubt there would be an element of...
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    im new here

    Asalaamaleykum Sister Welcome. I hope you enjoy contributing to the board and discussion with all here. Peace
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    God, gender and women's place in abrahamic religions

    In my Yussef Ali translation of the Quaran, God is refered to by the pronoun we.
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    Church loses opt-out fight over gay adoptions

    I have seen a lot of debate around this issue on many different boards. There has been a great deal said about the 'rights' of gay people but litle said about what the proccess of adoption has on the adoptee. I think that a few facts should be thrown into the arena: Adoptees have almost...
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    islamic tradition of non-violence?

    Sallaam Jase I agree that you shouldn't take sides, as for you it must be pretty much ones persons word against anothers. I am afraid that Ahmadis are a little like Jehovahs Witnesses, they are well trained to prothletize so it becomes difficult to have an honest conversation with many of...
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    islamic tradition of non-violence?

    Re: Islam is most peaceful amongst all the Revealed Religions Sallamaleykum I think we really need a little more than one thread on a message board. At the moment the Sunni v Shia stuff is big news due to Iraq, BUT as I have pointed out previously this is as much a result of poor reporting...
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    islamic tradition of non-violence?

    Re: Islam is most peaceful amongst all the Revealed Religions Sallaam Jase, I quite understand your post and your sentiments but I am afraid it may be because you are not a Muslim or just a thoroughly decent person that you have failed to pick up on inhumility's meaning behind the gloss. He...
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    islamic tradition of non-violence?

    Re: Islam is most peaceful amongst all the Revealed Religions This is a nasty divisive post. Most Sunnis and Shias get along fine, this Eid I prayed in a Shia Mosque and there were plenty of other Sunnis there. I am afraid whilst preaching 'peaceful Islam', Ahmadis seem to spend most of...
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    stand up

    Hi Caimanson I didn't see the program myself and unfortunately the sound has gone wonky on my media player which makes the watching of almost anything painful. What did you make of the program, did you think it a sensationalist tabloid bit of journalism or a well rounded veiw of the activities...