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    I dont get it....

    Moderator Hat on Salaam, Lets not turn this into a Christianity vs. Islam debate, otherwise ill just move the thread to the Comparative Religion forum. And no one say that he isnt doing it cause its happening. Azure, you are in the Islam board, so there are certain rules you have to adhere to...
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    My recent visit to a Muslim Center

    If you go to visit the Ahmadiyya community, dont forget to point out to your students that the Ahmadiyya community is equivalent to the JWs in Christianity. Im sure they would appreciate that insight.
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    cyberpi, If you are going to continue on this train of comparison, I will move the thread to a more suitable forum section, then you can state all your christianized interpretations of the Quran without 'censorship'. Your move. thipps - Islam board moderator btw, If you have had the time to...
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    cicumcision and baptsim

    hi paul, regarding circumsicion, please read this thread.. u can start with post #8. (LoVe aNd ReLiGioNs ... ?!?!?!)
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    h| Dauer, appreciate the reply. Thankyou for the info. Hopefully BB will come around some time in the near future. Thanks again. thipps.
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    h| dauer, yes, this is the page that i looked at in the Encyclopedia. There are a couple of places where these spirits were mentioned. In the 'his realm' section, also under the heading ‘Solomon's Carpet’ it says: 'With reference to Solomon's dominion over all the creatures of the world...
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    h| Dauer, appreciate your post alot. This reminds me of a related question. You noticed that I mentioned that the Devil (Satan) is from the race of creatures called the Jinn. I recall that i read in the Jewish Encyclopedia about 'Spirits' and the context, as i recall, is of the Prophet...
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    Islam forbids using Weapon of Mass Destruction

    Salaam, This is just a side-note and doesnt affect what you said. The part about going to china is not an authentic narration. It is famous yes but not authentic. Regarding the 'hadith', "Seek knowledge even if it be to China" - al-Albaanee declared this hadeeth to be 'maudu' (fabricated)...
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    First unread appears to be sporadically broken

    im usually taken to the second last page.
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    Islam forbids using Weapon of Mass Destruction

    The obvious but necessary point that needs to made here is that, in Islam, belief must be followed up by action. Lip service doesnt fly.
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    Was the Kaaba Originally a Hindu Temple?

    yes, and the one thing that the arabs excelled at was trading.
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    Was the Kaaba Originally a Hindu Temple?

    h|, The Kaa'ba was built by the Prophet Ibraheem and his son Ismaeel (pbut). btw, when did king Vikram reign?
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    Hagar, Ishmael

    God ordered Abraham(pbuh) to leave Hajar in the desert along with Ismaeel (pbuh).. agreed but where did you get this information about the reason? Do you have any textual proof for this? Im not saying it isnt the case, im just asking for proof... I'd appreciate it. He was never in the jewish...
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    Hagar, Ishmael

    You're just confusing the issue. What was between Sarah and Hajar has nothing to do with what is between the Jews and the Muslims. when you write that the Jews refused to accept Ishmael or his line of Prophets, you have to remember here that the Jews refused cause of thier arrogance and pride in...
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    Hagar, Ishmael

    That wud be a biblical rendering of the issue. As far as we are concerned, both were chosen. So, it doesnt enter into discussion with us. Again, the biblical rendering of the whole situation is that Isaac was sacrificed but our sources say that it was Ishmael. Im sure it has been...
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    Hagar, Ishmael

    h| wil, no, this is completely false. Not only that, its completely illogical. The Prophet Abraham was the father of both Ishmael and Isaac (peace be upon them all). He wasnt a Jew. The Qur'aan specifically addresses this issue as well. A quote is given below: O People of the Scripture, why do...
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    H| Tigress, & welcome to CR.
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    A few qustions

    Salaam, First, for our originally questioner, having more than one wife (upto 4) is not obligatory. I personally do not know a single muslim who has more than one wife. Secondly: Some clarification is required here in regards to justice and fairness. Imam ibn kathir explained 4:3 and 4:129 in...
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    hi, To be specific, all three believe in thier existance. After that, details differ somewhat. One that I know of is what many Christians have told me i.e. the Devil used to be an angel that went bad. Muslims do not share this view. We believe that the angels do not have a free will. The origin...
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    New member from England.

    Welcome to CR. Hope it turns out to be better than you thought.