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  1. Elfiet

    Your meditation practice

    Shinrin-yoku! Working right next to a nature park makes it quite convenient.
  2. Elfiet

    Blame and forgiveness

    Forgiveness. It is the act of forgiveness that can be difficult for some. Think Thomas has good point that forgiveness can create opportunity to practice Cardinal Virtues. Oh, DA - I quite agree, but it sounds way to simple. "As long as we are doing our best to be decent member of...
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    I closed my first FB account as I did not like the exposure. Exposure in other peoples lives - so killed the account and backed off for a few years. Also found it uncomfortable in having the exposure in my life. When opening a new account, I was a bit wiser and keep it mostly for distant...
  4. Elfiet

    Black.... and what it is

    Thanks for the comments, DA. The OP quote was from a chapter on forgiveness. For those new to C.S.Lewis (a writer during war time), I leave you with a couple of other quotes from this same chapter.... just because it rattles in my head and need to get it out (and also perhaps the reader...
  5. Elfiet

    Black.... and what it is

    Here is the background to the quote: Suppose one reads a story of filthy atrocities in the paper. Then suppose that something turns up suggesting that the story might not be quite true, or not quite so bad as it was made out. Is one's first feeling, 'Thank God, even they aren't quite so bad...
  6. Elfiet

    Black.... and what it is

    I wonder... do I perhaps see white when it is black? Not recommended to black when grey.... but is it ok (beneficial) to see white when it is black?
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    Black.... and what it is

    Grew (growing) a great fondness of C.S. Lewis. Currently reading, "Mere Christianity". In a chapter, I quote, " .... to wish that black was a little blacker. If we give that wish its head, later on we shall wish to see grey as black, and then to see white itself as black. Finally, we...
  8. Elfiet

    Criticized from Within

    The dilemma I faced with my Christian peers is about attending church. Often told "you don't need to attend Church to have faith". I allowed that to influence me. A few years ago, I started attending Sunday service again and felt I found that missing link in my life. I can agree there...
  9. Elfiet

    Criticized from Within

    The grief here comes from political leaders. Schools have become (by force) religious neutral - teaching ethics and world religion as opposed to a specific denomination...
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    Nobody was born to live up to my expectations

    I think the toughest expectation I ever had to relinquish were the expectations I set for myself.
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    How Much Learnen Y'all Got?

    Here in 'la belle province Quebec', an anglophone with a degree can easily be passed over for a francophone without a degree. Not very gifted in the language skills I am. Blame that bloke of a father I had.
  12. Elfiet

    How Much Learnen Y'all Got?

    I earned a Bachelors of Commerce, Major in MIS. Working in an electronics hardware manufacturing company and enjoy the job. I have no qualms in speaking with a homeless person or any less academic educated person. But do admit I tend to be shy with those of higher rank Phd's. Enjoy...
  13. Elfiet

    your daily Dharma realization

    Greetings V, Yes, I can relate. I, myself, had turn away from 'things' for many years... and then came a time I could hide no longer. It took me years, to say the least, to find a method of dealing with my emotions. My strategy is a combination of practicing QiGong and Tai Chi and...
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    How Easily We are Fooled.

    Total agreement here. I believe the woman was blessed to have this priest come forward with prayer in such an event. I do not read the story as the priest saved her ..... that credit belongs to the second emergency vehicle. Makes me think of movie I recently watched, "God is Not Dead"...
  15. Elfiet

    Ramadan Mubarak

    In Muslim faith, how does one celebrate a new birth? Is there a baptism?
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    Hello Everyone

  17. Elfiet

    Any Photogs Out There?

    Here is a photo of our Canadian Cows....
  18. Elfiet

    Any Photogs Out There?

    Thanks again, Aussie. I have a nikon coolpix... with a good lens. Rather look at camera upgrade, I will dust off my nifty MacBook Air and play around with some photo editing features. Next trip to Newfoundland is in October ! NJ, love the cow photo. I dont recall our Canadian cows...
  19. Elfiet

    Any Photogs Out There?

    Thanks for the feedback Aussie. Yes, guess you would call it point and shoot. It is 7.1 megapixel. Considering I enjoy landscapes, what is basic requirement I should look for in next camera upgrade. Will need to read up on shutter speed. I like what you did with photo 2. Yes...
  20. Elfiet

    Any Photogs Out There?

    This second photo also in Newfoundland. I feel it is missing something. Perhaps should have picked some wild flowers and sprinkled them on the road for color.... but then i am staging a photo when rather have it pure and natural. What is right? What is wrong? Perhaps too much sky?