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    Happy Birthday Thomas!

    Ehhh...what goes around comes around old timer. Hmmmm.. four women and three cats...meeyowrrr ! Seriously, many more my friend. flow....:p
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    Yeah... it's like so exciting to be potatoed and flopped on big red watching the sun drop into the west. See I knew annoyance and boredom would set in when you set-up your home 'puter. Enjoy the peace and solitude my bragh ! You're lookin real down to earth in yer 'tar too, I like the look...
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    Apologies for wanting peace!!!!

    Q: Whatever is that doggie doing ? A: Why I believe it wants to "French" you my dear. flow....good one -c-....:p
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    Apologies for wanting peace!!!!

    Hi Netti...If one walked down the street in any large American city and asked 100 people if they recognized the name, Pierre Tielhard deChardin as the 1950's ex-priest and writer who named the process of moving from an electric and electronic person-to-person communication/control matrix to one...
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    Apologies for wanting peace!!!!

    :cool:Snoop and netti...Of course this sadness hasn't happened overnight. It's taken sixty years for IT to almost completely and effectively encompass US citizenry in the darkness. Ike knew what was coming since it had already been thought out and planned beginning in 1949. Except for a few...
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    Apologies for wanting peace!!!!

    Sally...some of us noticed this trend years ago. Today in the U.S., unless you're certifiable, in the eyes of critics, there is no logical reason not to think well of warfare and indiscriminate killing. There is no free speech here in the traditionally accepted definition. This is why for some...
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    I submit this to the board!

    C"mon Dauer, the pants and their confinement capabilities was why he was looking at your big butt in the first place. Besides, you're all a big bunch of gluttons and beerbibbers. I've always wondered Seattle, is the fish frozen or one of the freshies from Pike Place ? flow....:p
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    Survey: Americans switching faiths, dropping out

    Most of the major religions on earth today built big pictures of belief thru mythos in the past to justify doctrinal veracities upon abstractions that fit the increasingly outward oriented lives of their followers. About the only religion that did not fit that pattern is Hinduism, simply because...
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    What Are You Watching on Youtube?

    Present and accounted for my dear. Thanks for the memorializations guys, and with another elder milestone b'day coming up tomorrow, I do feel a bit well-worn. Tao, you are uncanny. The lady in bed looked a lot like my second, but I don't think she could dance like that. At least I never saw an...
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    Please pray for me.

    Ty Tao...and you can be sure that if I ever get across the pond to visit yer digs, you are first on my list. I'm a bit of a geezer, but I can still bounce pretty well. Just another old school R&B guy I guess. One of my favorite films is The Committments. As a side issue perhaps the most...
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    Please pray for me.

    Path and AP: Thanks for picking this thread up and for provoding such fascinating and gratifying reading. Path you have crammed fifty years or so of spiritual experiences into a ten year period. I am so happy for you and your husband. It is such a variable thing. Here as a child I never saw...
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    By a Vote of the People

    Hmmmm... let's see. I'm still working on the "correct" spelling of three words. "" ? "hy...poc...risy" ? "li...ars" ? Anyone out there feel free to correct any spelling errors they might see. flow....:rolleyes:
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    A better you..... A better world.

    The other day my 91year old Mom asked why each of the casinos on the strip couldn't pony up about $1million each and give it to people like Brad Pitt who are building adequate housing in New Orleans for the people our wonderful Federal Government would rather forget. I patiently explained to...
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    What is your age?

    Hello my dear sister Piscean... I'd classify you in the "spring chicken" category for sure. Old happens when you begin to believe that you are. I've been going through some of that this past month, but then I'm in a complex where many of my conversations are with peope who are 70-91. Talks of...
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    A better you..... A better world.

    If you have elderly neighbors who just can't get out, stop by a day or so before you are going to shop and offer them a ride your next time out. Stoping at the pharmacy drive thru is also easy to fit into this activity. Try to regularize the schedule so that it's not inconvenient for you or...
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    Challenge - Prove it!!

    Applause, applause !!! Flu bug ? Take care...we miss you when your omnicient self is not present. flow....;)
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    Know Thyself would we refer to your position on the three legged stool as a partially restrained methane huffer ? flow....:p
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    Know Thyself

    Hey, let's all go find a noxious vent and breathe deeply . flow....:p
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    This weeks Science stories

    I believe that the majority of us think that artificially intelligent behavior in humans will be something that will be built up, hardware and softwarewise. Or, artificial beings built from scratch. But I see it all happening through the technological augmentations of that which is already...
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    The Dumbing Down Of America

    By Jove, I think he's got it !!! flow....:rolleyes: