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  1. Rob

    Hi Guys

    Hello, and a belated welcome, you need to get posting.
  2. Rob

    Ok, relax, I'm here now...

    Wil, that was lovely, and I'm honored you shared it on my intro ;)
  3. Rob

    Hello From Texas

    Hello and welcome. :)
  4. Rob

    Contemplatives (ie carmelites)

    Thomas, thank you friend, you make much sense. I think the fog may be clearing. My confusion is becoming more ordered, the doubts beggining to make sense. Not quite enough yet to declare my personal revelation to all who will listen, and those with no wish to, but I think I may have kicked a...
  5. Rob

    Contemplatives (ie carmelites)

    I think I may have found my calling !!
  6. Rob

    National Secular Society - possibly a factual version of the ficticious?

    To assist inform the non UK contributors - Pope breaks tradition with BBC broadcast | Analysis & Opinion |
  7. Rob

    National Secular Society - possibly a factual version of the ficticious?

    Thought: “The Nazgûl were they, the Ringwraiths, the Ulairi, the Enemy's most terrible servants; darkness went with them, and they cried with the voices of death… …The Nazgûl came again . . . like vultures that expect their fill of doomed men's flesh. Out of sight and shot they flew, and yet...
  8. Rob

    Pope calls Christians the most persecuted

    I agree a very interesting thread, but surely not very Christian from any perspective thus far! The ‘poor us’ scenario seems a little selfish and self indulgent. Should the real consideration not be who is more persecuted but to acknowledge that all members of humanity should be free from...
  9. Rob

    It looks fine, I love sailing, it so exhilerating.

    It looks fine, I love sailing, it so exhilerating.
  10. Rob

    Contemplatives (ie carmelites)

    Part of my inner peace seems mildly disturbed by the Philosophy of Relativism. Although I enjoy the freedoms it encourages, maybe those freedoms contribute to the moral decay of so many of our societies. The principle of Catholicism appeals to me, yet the strict conformist aspect repels me. I...
  11. Rob

    How to learn "The Truth".

    Advertising no. It could easily suggest that though, or probably even more so, the media.
  12. Rob

    Ok, relax, I'm here now...

    Is that all, it all sounds so easy.
  13. Rob

    Hello Grey, what's the boat in the picture?

    Hello Grey, what's the boat in the picture?
  14. Rob

    Ok, relax, I'm here now...

    You guys make me chuckle.
  15. Rob

    Contemplatives (ie carmelites)

    Saltmeister - thank you. For someone of so many (many) words, your reply was both succinct and profound. You have summed up my thoughts in a paragraph. For that I am grateful. Eclectic Mystic- Latin Mass, I will look into this some more, the concept of Gregorian chant as a backdrop to my...
  16. Rob

    Contemplatives (ie carmelites)

    Quakers? Mmm, not keen on the hats!
  17. Rob

    Does religiosity impede moral behaviour?

    I think there may be some merit in this one :D
  18. Rob

    Contemplatives (ie carmelites)

    Obviously doesn't have to be a church, any place of worship would suffice, or under a tree, or on the quayside, anywhere, so long as there ain't no singing doozies nearby!!!
  19. Rob

    Contemplatives (ie carmelites)

    :confused: Can anyone share their views on this subject. The concept of going to Church, singing out of tune to a rediculous happy clapping ditty and waving my hands to the sky makes me cringe SO VERY much. I can't help thinking that God would want it to stop. However, the concept of going to...
  20. Rob

    The Three Horsemen of the Apocalypse?

    Indeed, I was thinking the exact same thing ... :-p