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  1. sara[h]ng

    Scientific Evidence for Homeopathy

    I don't really want to get into a debate about nutrition and holistic health and all of those things, but I have a little bit of personal experience - and whether anyone else believes or accepts it or not, it still means a lot to me. I have been in a very spiritual place and time in my life...
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    My class in craniosacral therapy just started here at the Cayce(Edgar)/Reilly School of Massotherapy. ;):D I've been pretty taken by it so far...
  3. sara[h]ng

    heres a interesting question if you think about it,

    My answer is 'negatively'. History shows us that they should not go hand in hand. Not that that's stopping the current US administration...
  4. sara[h]ng

    a little bit of help

    Why not the Peace Corps?
  5. sara[h]ng

    What Movies Have You Seen Recently?

    300's definitely phenomenal.
  6. sara[h]ng

    Spirit Guides - what are they?

    That's not the same thing as the Bible declaring that only 7 ever existed.
  7. sara[h]ng

    Web am

    After having just read certain threads, I have the great urge to refine my response. I didn't mean to imply that only others and not myself could be offensive on a webcam, in fact, I'm pretty sure that I might end up in a few shouting matches... Sorry to shoot down your idea, Yo, but I...
  8. sara[h]ng

    Web am

    Yikes. I'd hate to literally be faced with some of the scathing messages I've seen. Then again, maybe politeness would reign without the anonymity of a mere avatar.
  9. sara[h]ng

    A pygmy's view...

    ... on the nature of God. I'd like to share a quote from 'The Forest People' by Colin Turnbull. Turnbull is/was an anthropologist and the book is a record of his time spent with the Mbuti pygmies in the Congo. He has asked one of the tribe's elders about a ritual, called a molimo, that...
  10. sara[h]ng

    Darwin's God

    While I don't personally believe that most 'humans believe in God solely because of some situation that made/makes them believe in it (evolutionary selection, as the article talks about, being 'hard-wired' to do so, or whatever else)' as opposed to 'they believe in God because God exists', I do...
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    Chris, you're a 6, are you also a 33?
  12. sara[h]ng

    Black President In The Usa? Are We Ready?

    I didn't know that white fems were considered the swing vote. It's nice to feel important! (Until I remember how the electoral college fits into it all...) Anywho, wil, and anyone who doubts Obama's potential in the run for the presidency, the support that he has at this moment, this far...
  13. sara[h]ng

    Black President In The Usa? Are We Ready?

    Why white female voters in particular?
  14. sara[h]ng

    Bigger than a 'giant squid' - 'colossal squid'

    I had to look up the 'Chilean Blob' because wow. Maybe I'm a freak, but I HAD to see that. For anyone else who checks it out, I'm posting the DNA results identifying the thing. So as not to spoil the suspense for the uninitiated, I'm hiding it. Highlight the area below to see what the blob...
  15. sara[h]ng

    campaign for a new workers party

    A shame? Do you favor socialism?
  16. sara[h]ng

    3 Wishes

    So, 17th, would everyone automatically be demoted to your level or below? In regards to your 3rd, I mean. Or would you magically be given more? Honesty is good, I don't presume to judge, but in such self-admittedly selfish wishes, how could you expect to fate, chance, or the world - however...
  17. sara[h]ng

    Dear Sirs

    Love it. The line about the stained windows particularly caught me. The light isn't coming through so clearly anymore, and it's just of one color of the spectrum, instead of the whole shebang.
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    What? You have me all wrong, Q. Did you not see my thread about chakra cleansing? I fully believe in spiritual things, beautiful things that you can neither see nor measure - in fact, probably more so than most people - however! The existence of spirit does not lessen the impact of science...
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    Thoughts on the subject? Anyone find that they do or do not fit their numbers well? I've been looking into it recently and there are some interesting things... If you don't know what your numbers are, I found a good free calculator with explanations at this site.
  20. sara[h]ng

    Bigger than a 'giant squid' - 'colossal squid'

    It's only tough if cooked improperly. And it only has a nasty fish taste if it's started to decay - so if you get it like that, demand a refund. Fresh and properly cooked, it's only vaguely chewy and tastes anywhere from nothing to whatever you stuffed, breaded or otherwise cooked it with...