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    please, share your opinions

    religious debate is not that foolish, it may be the way to reach some understanding in order to be able to continue. It is the same with the question in the beginning, God does not care about that all, he knows already all. I woudl say like Aurobindo says, God is also a "personal" being, and it...
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    has anyone yet seen this site above? (I did a research on the forum and didn't find it) Enlightened Spirituality, Welcome to Spiritual Awakening There are many interesting things there. The following page especially reminded me of this forum here where I got somewhat absent... 12 Spiritual...
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    As far as I know they include all that we can do with our physical senses, perceptions or accomplishments or acts done with the power beyond our physical reality, with non-physical instruments and in a more perfect manner, not restricted by time, condition and place. It occurs by itself (see...
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    Have you changed your opinion?

    I cannot vote because not one answer is correct for me. I don't know about opinions, but my view changes all the time, connected to experience. I am on this forum to read others' experiences. Awesome, sometimes. Sometimes or, unfortunately, quite often, people have no direct experiences and all...
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    Burned at the stake for the Bible

    I'm afraid to split hairs. I agree with you about the teachings of Jesus but not about the "godlike".Why is someone selfless? Does one feel guilty deep inside and wants to correct that? or is it because he recognizes in the other the similar-ness to himself? Or else because he knows deep inside...
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    French Army Animation....

    why??????????? (I've erased the space between "liveleak" and "." your link that's why it did not work, btw) because it has profound meaning for you??????
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    Happy Birthday Theosophical Society

    ehm, here's my favorite author on theosophy...... Theosophy Trust - Raghavan Iyer Articles "The HERMES Writings of Raghavan N. Iyer "
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    Hatred In Religion - with Video Footage

    "arts" = modern relativism, again, D.R. Hawkins says that this is contra productive to evolution (I heard in his most recent book he speaks about it). Why do people think they do "good" when doing "bad"? We all act according to our Level of Consciousness, according to our energy-field we are in...
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    The Buddha teaches release from life?

    No, in the contrary, there is nothing superficial-modern with him. He states that he "translates" ancient knowledge into modern language, without losing the "verticality" as you say, again, on the contrary. For me, he just confirmed all what I've known but could never be sure about it (the same...
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    The Buddha teaches release from life?

    I get the impression that Needleman's "levels of reality" are just the different "realities" perceived at David R. Hawkins' different "levels of consciousness", nothing else. Quite simple. It is just another wording of the same thing. Nick_A, you should read D.R.Hawkins. Begin with "Power vs...
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    What's the goal? In my case, having begun only when being adult, (so no artist playing), goal has been sensing the beauty of the universe which is expressed in music. Sensing in a different manner than when just listening to music. At the same time, some people would name what I "felt" (?) as...
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    Jesus what people have said about him

    I'm sorry for having given that false impression of making an effort... I was about to do so when thinking of the following website: SpiritualWiki - Jesus from which I finally took these quotes. And... thank you, 'Learner', for having directed me to this forum here...
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    Jesus what people have said about him

    David R. Hawkins: Jesus Christ said, I did not come to bring peace, but the sword of truth. That sword can be quite challenging. It takes courage to be spiritually committed. [Interview David R. Hawkins Gina Mazza Hillier, Magazin Holistic Networker, 08/13/2005] Christ took the sins of the...
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    Was King David Gay ?

    Again, the roles in our society, we seem to see people in their roles, nothing else! Why is it not possible to really love somebody without that sexual or non-sexual thing? Why should it not be possible for a man to love a man without that sex-thing, a woman to love a woman without that...
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    The True Name of God

    Excerpt of "Synthesis of Yoga" (Part III, chapter I), Sri Aurobindo: idem, chapter V:
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    snoopy, "decorations" are on my 'blog', see "contact info".

    snoopy, "decorations" are on my 'blog', see "contact info".
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    oh well I cannot edit my own post? :confused: Just wanted to add: I think "beliefnet" is a rather "Christian" site, therefore it is somehow restricted.
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    I feel like putting inappropriate questions here! Each time "my" answer is missing, I put "my" answer as number 5. (in the quiz, I nonetheless answered one of the four... but it is false in my view.) Q1. I believe that God: 1. Exists and intervenes in daily events 2. Exists but does...
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    True and false wisdom

    Indeed there is some higher power operating in us, which acts continuously on our being. It is indeed not a part of the programming. Wisdom is the knowledge of what is, and we get it by connecting to the higher Source, the connection is first felt as intuition. Then in time it becomes more and...
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    Your beliefs: what are they REALLY?

    Well I did this test when my knowledge about religions had not been much further than the faith of Christianity, but I've always had somewhat my own belief, so... at that time I had been astonished about the 100% Hindu, as I did not know much about it! And now I'm astonished about the little...