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    Are you SBNR (spiritual but not religious)?

    Nick - I was a member of a traditional Christian religion for many years which taught that if you did not believe that Jesus was the Saviour, you would got to hell. I don't believe Jesus, or anyone else, is a Saviour because I don't believe that God condemns people to hell. I don't believe in...
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    Are you SBNR (spiritual but not religious)?

    I am very spiritual, but not religious. At least not in the conventional sense. I am a Licensed Minister of an International Spiritual Community - The Centers for Spiritual Living. We honor everyone's personal path to God. We often celebrate the holidays of different religions at our center...
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    Going through hell before we get to heaven

    I'm going to answer from a purely spiritual perspective. Jesus said that 'the kingdom of heaven is within.' To me, this means that we have been given everything that we require to live a joyous life. However, and this is a very big however, we need to believe that we already are complete and...
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    What do you really know?

    I know that Spirit is love, It is present everywhere, It is all Good, It is Infinite Power, and It is expressing thru me and every person, place, and thing. Not only do I know it, but I am very happy that after many years, I believe it.
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    Course of Miracles

    I think it is important to distinguish between what is Reality (Truth) from a fact or a condition in the world. Truth is of God, while the facts are just the effects of our thoughts. Truth is changeless. Facts change all the time. Continually focusing on Truth will set each of us free...
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    You do not need ANYONE to show you the way

    You don't need anyone to show you the way because Divine Wisdom resides inside of you. It will show you the way if you listen and understand Its messages. However, it would probably be helpful to find a spiritual teacher who can help you along your path. One of the aspects which you should be...
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    looking for answers

    Hi Silmoon - I was a Catholic, and I also did not feel liked I belonged. I am now a minister in a different spiritual tradition. I think that your desire to find your own spiritual path is a good one. You want to find that path that resonates with you and which will motivate you to learn and...
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    how did you come to believe or follow a religion?

    Greymare - I also believe God exists as everything, so I am fully in agreement that you can talk to God whenever and wherever you are. When I have seen beautiful sunsets, I have often said, "God, you really do great stuff." I speak to God as if He is my beloved friend, which He is. It is...
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    how did you come to believe or follow a religion?

    NiceCupOfTea - Whe I was Catholic, I was taught that only priests had access to God and that we (sinners) had to go through them. Also, Jesus is considered an intermediary between God and us. That never felt right to me. Many Catholics ask for things in Jesus's name. I never understood why I...
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    I prefer yogic breathing - in through the nose and out through the nose. Since there is such a small space in which air can flow, it forces youto take deep breaths. I even use this type of breathing when I run and it allows me to go into a meditiative state while running.
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    Is suicide really a grave sin?

    Amber13 - I agree that it is terrible for an individuals to be in so much pain that they feel suicide is the only way to escape it. But I do not believe that God condemns these individuals to eternal damnation. God is Love, and a loving God could not possibly damn any of His children for all...
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    how did you come to believe or follow a religion?

    I think that Unity is more Christian based than Religious Science. Ernest Holmes loved Jesus, but he saw Jesus' consciousness as a model of what each of us can accomplish. We see Jesus as a mentor for all of us. We say that 'Jesus is not the great exception, but the great example.' I...
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    how did you come to believe or follow a religion?

    I used to be a Catholic, but I could never understand why I needed someone to be the middle person between me and God. I discovered my current spiritual philosophy when I was unsuccessful in trying to conceive a child. That is when I stumbled upon Unity, which teaches that we all have...
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    My spiritual beliefs - what does this make me?

    I think your beliefs are very consistent with those that are taught in the Science of Mind. I am a Science of Mind minister and I teach many of the ideas that you have expressed. Science of Mind is more of a spiritual way of life rather than a rigid religious organization.