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    Astral projection experience. Where did i go?

    I recently had an Astral projection experience. It started by me floating out of my body to the ceiling looking down at my room,i could see through objects as if i had xray vision. My first thought was "i wonder how high i can go", i then flew through the ceiling and came to a stop in space...
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    Creation or Evolution: The Statistics!!!

    Interesting comment Plaidback. Does this mean that time and distance is an illusion? And if this is so then that means that there is no evolution. It also means there is no creation. It means that there just is. Do you agree?
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    Creation or Evolution: The Statistics!!!

    i believe god is energy and energy is everything and everyone. The whole universe is energy. I believe in evolution, mainly because it is right before our eyes. Everything - the entire universe and our earth as well as man made objects are evolving every second of the day. And because...
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    Can Belief and Spirituality heal illness?

    I believe that the mind is capable of healing ones self as well as others as long as it believes it can. This is usually achieved by chanelling energy. A modern practice for this is Reiki. By being open spiritually one can be capable of many things. By combining the power of the mind and by...
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    What do you belive about the devil? His purpose? existence & Methods of deception?

    I believe that the same way there is light and positive energy helping us complete our journey, there is also darkness and negative energy trying to seduce us, i believe there must be a balance. Our soul goes through a huge learning process over our many lives, we will decide which path we will...
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    What am I?

    Hammer, I absolutely agree with Paladin and I,Brian. I also believe that you should not feel threatened by organised religin or think of it as evil, of course there are a minority of people that are evil, and organisation restricts freedom, but the concepts that are in place are there for...
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    what do you believe about crosses as jewellery?

    I feel that there is nothing wrong with wearing a religious or spiritual symbol as jewellery just simply for fashion, even if you do not believe in or understand what it symbolises. At the end of the day i think you should be able to wear any symbol or jewellery that you wish, that is part of...
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    what do you believe about crosses as jewellery?

    Wearing a religious symbol can have great powers if you believe. For example if you are a christian and believe in Jesus, and you believe that Jesus will help you, wearing a cross can help provide you with positive energy, not because it is a cross but because you believe in what the symbol...
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    It would take a very long time for me to explain my journey so that you can fully understand. I have not come to any conclusions, most of what i believe is theory based on experiences, knowledge, intuition and discussions with other people that are on a spiritually enlightenment path similar...
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    How did you choose?

    I believe that the closer you come to an understanding that there must not be one religion that you believe in only, the closer you approach GOD. Life in the physical world and spiritual world is about learning. I believe most religions are correct in one form or another on most of thier...
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    Our souls are constantly evolving over time via constant reincarnation and choices that we make.These choices decide how much closer we get to our destination. These choices are made by our soulmind during this life, after this life, and during the next life and so on. These choices are made...