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  1. Ami


    Hi all I was just wondering have any of you had any experiences with dryads? It was not until recently I had become aware of them, as I was reading about a ritual to attract dryads, But still it has seemed to open my heart and mind to the tree spirits, I havent seen them nor felt them but as I...
  2. Ami


    *Scowls* well what can I say...great minds? ;) :D
  3. Ami

    Tarot cards

    Well I just got the gilded tarot deck its a standard deck so its easy to use and find books that interpret them though unfortunately I havent spent as much time as I would like with them jst yet but the book that comes with it is most helpful and the artwork divine, something I think I shall...
  4. Ami


    hello all I got this from a luvurly Pagan site I go to thought you might want to try it out and share your results :D Find out who you are with beleif o-matic!! 1. Neo-Pagan (100%) 2. Unitarian Universalism (96%) 3. New Age (91%) 4. Mahayana Buddhism (84%) 5. Liberal Quakers (79%) 6...
  5. Ami

    Getting started...

    I would definately reccomend anything by scott cunningham
  6. Ami

    Would you live your life again?

    hell no!
  7. Ami


    I know that some witches beleive in spiritual vampires but I guess they are not as exciting as the blood curdling type ;)
  8. Ami


    What is your view on Karma? Does it exist or is it just a myth? How do you think Karma is "displayed" for example is happiness good karma and bad things only happen to bad people?
  9. Ami


    Ooh ok will be nice to run into her :)
  10. Ami

    Spiritual abuse

    Hi all, I recently came across this issue by a friend whose uncle is (unfortunately) a christian preacher, subjects him to all kinds of remarks, comments infact I find it very domineering and blackmailing. I can't go into it too much for confidentiality reasons but I am sure most of you have...
  11. Ami

    Tarot cards

    Hi, I have just started out really too, My tarot are small and with very very simple pictures on them, just so I can get used to using them, so yes as the others said start with a simpler pack so you're not running before you can walk kinda thing. aslo if u look on ebay they have alot of...
  12. Ami

    is Evil real?

    Cheers :D
  13. Ami


    Ah-hah theres someone familiar :p Nice place you got here I am really annoyed I havent wondered here before :rolleyes: :cool:
  14. Ami


    Thankyou *hugs* :)
  15. Ami

    is Evil real?

    I beleive there is good and evil in all of us, Its not necessarily defined by what we do but more about why we do it. It is quite easy to do evil with the best intentions but that does not make one evil,
  16. Ami


    I can't beleive I havent come here before :o Some of you may know me as Amidala from chronicles, I am twenty from Manchester, England. I was a christian, I spent about 2/3 years as a server and was active in church life nearly became a vicar but then realised I wasn't a christian at all for a...