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  1. Vapour

    I demand the establishment of JEDI section in this forum

    The Existence of Force has been confirmed as a scientific fact. As repeatedly indicated by number of national census, Jedi is a major religious movement in the West and I demand...
  2. Vapour

    Differences Between Buddhist And Hindu Meditation

    Ah, you pretty much nailed it there. Buddhism meditate to get to realise that Brahman the ultimate is not. In Buddahism, Dharma is characterised by impermanence, no soul (as opposed to atman) and suffering.
  3. Vapour

    Shinto: Gods and why so many of them

    There are so many "gods" in shinto simply because shinto consider everything to be somewhat devine. That is why large rock or tree become object of reverence. "[a] waterfall, the moon, or just an oddly shaped rock might come to be regarded as a kami; so might charismatic persons or more...
  4. Vapour

    Baha'i Citation of Buddhist sutras "“we will be thankful, for they cause us to be martyrs. What more glorious fate is there than this, to die for the glory of God?” And the Buddha said: “Well done!”" What passage of which sutra is he quoting? Also, it says "Many...
  5. Vapour

    You know nothing about Hinduism

    Quite informative article on this issue.
  6. Vapour

    Theravada Buddhism

    oh, refering Theravada as Hinayana part but. Well, having a moderater who is also Tibetan buddhist as buddy help I guess. well bye.
  7. Vapour

    Theravada Buddhism

    Did I ever suggested to ban the use of the word? :) I have made it clear that it is unavoidable in certain context. However, your comment such as is just being rude and insensitve. Oh, by the way, my Buddhist friend attended seminar held by Dalai Lama in Scotland recently. According...
  8. Vapour

    Living in space

    I recently got a mail from one of these guy. ;)
  9. Vapour

    Misconceptions and quries about Islam

    ah, why not forget about it. In this day and age where things are definitely moving into allowing gay marriage, what is wrong with mulsim or mormon wedding provided that we also allow women to marry multiple partners. This whole idea of state instituting private affiar is stupid. If someone...
  10. Vapour

    How connected is Tao with Buddhism and Confucianism?

    I might restart a debate here. This is more about Buddhism than Taoism One of a Japanese article I read is concerned with Tibetan buddhism in it's relation to Madhyamaka school of buddhism. The main argument is that from Nikayana to Mahayana to Tantric is a process of hindunisation of...
  11. Vapour

    Theravada Buddhism

    Sutras transmission within Chinese language, here is an exaple of Hero's March Sutra. For general issue of apocryphal This is something I would like...
  12. Vapour

    Theravada Buddhism

    ah, o.k. here is an article in regard to vegetarianism but insightful about how Mahayanan doctrine evolved. I'm sorry it's a long read but this is what I can so far. "The change in the Buddhist attitude towards flesh-eating took place at...
  13. Vapour

    Theravada Buddhism

    ah, i see. Yes, I was too focused on this H word issue and didn't see that you were also raising a separate issue. For this, I apologise. Firstly, it is indeed the case that you can find few Theravadan monks who aspire bohdisattva. On top of that, you can find several Shinhalese king who...
  14. Vapour

    Theravada Buddhism

    If you follow Mahayana lineage, you can't avoid using it becuase their doctrine is closely related to Mahayana-"Hinayana" polemic. So if someone use H word in referential context, fine. And when I say "referenial" context, I don't mean when you "refer" to Theravadan school. I mean only when...
  15. Vapour

    Nichiren Buddhism

    I could add this link as well It appeared to be written by an ex-sokka gakkai member (or possibly still a member) who is accutely aware of the problem sokka gakkai face and are somewhat very sympathetic to it. He...
  16. Vapour

    Theravada Buddhism

    may be because avoiding of usage of hinayana except in referential context is an almost universally accepted etiquet now a day among Buddhist communities, something which is oddly not enforced in this inter-faith forum. ;) If i insist in some forum that someone should stop using N word to...
  17. Vapour

    Theravada Buddhism

    hinayana is not Tibetan or Chinese but sanskrit. :D If you prefer to avoid offence but still wish to maintain whatever the doctrine of Tibetan buddhism, you might want to use "T'eg sMad" from now on. As of Oriental Buddhism where Chinese is the standard language, I understand Chinese...
  18. Vapour

    Theravada Buddhism

    As of hinayana, this word cannot simply mean small or lesser vehicle. I have never came across any academic writing in sanskrit or pali linguistic which says otherwise. For non derogetory usage of small, there is a word "Cuula" which means just "small". The use of N word can be non offensive...
  19. Vapour

    Theravada Buddhism Now, there are lots of writing in the above link so which writing are you refering to?
  20. Vapour

    Nichiren Buddhism

    For the sake of some accuracy, I should clarify few points. Firstly, Nichiren himself did not claim to be a Buddah. However, he did accuse Zen and Pure Land of be heretics. Nichiren sect together with Zen and Pure Land are parts of new Buddhist movements started in 12 century. One...