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    Hi - from Aletheia

    Hi Eric. I'm glad you got the link. I don't know how much I'll be posting, but I'll check in regularly. :)
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    Glad to be veggie

    Ewwwwwwwwwww! Talk about being as far away from vegetarianism as one can get! :p
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    Glad to be veggie After you go to the site, click on the "What is Quorn" link.
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    Glad to be veggie

    I'm not a vegetarian, but I do love Quorn. Especially the lasagna. :)
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    Darwins Finches evolve

    Are you saying that your getting tan skin and bleached hair while on the island is an adaptation? That would be like saying that a finch with a long beak actually had its beak shrink while on the island. Is that really what you meant to say? Or is this a communication thing again? ;)
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    Common Sense

    I think it would depend on how the phrase "common sense" is being defined. I think the human species has certain instincts in common (although these can be overridden). For example: self preservation. It is "common sense" to not walk over the edge of a cliff. I think that idea is common to all...
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    Interesting question. It's one I think about a lot (of course, I think WAY too much, which has gotten me into trouble). :D My perspective is a bit weird, and it's not even a "set in stone" perspective.:rolleyes: I view our universe (any universe) as part of God. All matter, inanimate or...
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    Pick and Mix religion

    Because I've personally experienced this a time or two (or three:rolleyes:) in my own life, I'd have to say I agree.
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    Origins of the Creed

    Heh. Good point. :rolleyes:
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    Not really new, but I've been away for a while.

    Hey Fifth! I've read some of your older posts (which I've thoroughly enjoyed) and am looking forward to reading your new ones. :)
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    The presence of evil

    I appreciate your thoughts Q. :) So God is not infinite? :confused:
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    The proplem with God (Hell and free will)

    The following is offered for your interpretive pleasure ... ;) Because of similar discussions I've come across in the past, I looked up every word (I think) translated as hell in the NT and then looked up the original word. I saved what I found for future reference. Hopefully this is not too...
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    Good News!

    Congratulations juantoo! Whoo hoo! :cool:
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    Origins of the Creed

    I'd be very interested. As you know, I come from a church that is about as non-traditional as one could get. :rolleyes:
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    Jesus Christ

    It all gets rather confusing doesn't it? There are liberal literalists. There are liberal traditionalists. There are liberal esoteric/spiritualists. There are conservative literalists. There are conservative traditionalists. There are conservative esoteric/spiritualists. Some of the liberal...
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    Post-theistic Christianity "Other view"

    He was excommunicated (after having been warned numerous times over various infractions) because Starhawk is/was employed at the school he founded. That's what I understand anyway. I have Fox's biography, but I haven't read it. He is now an Episcopalian. I've attended lectures by him and...
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    Post-theistic Christianity "Other view" Matt Fox is pretty much an "expert" on Eckhart. If Fox draws inpiration anywhere...
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    Post-theistic Christianity "Other view"

    So my definition/idea of God actually fits the etymology of the word "god"? Cool! :cool:
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    What is the future of Christianity?

    A slap isn't an attack that requires self defense. It's an insult.
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    Drugs and spirituality

    I vote both. :D