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    (Your) Thought of the Day

    The most precious diamonds are formed under the most severe pressure:)
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    This weekend...

    Hey all, just wanted to wish everyone a fabulous Easter weekend and also a very Happy Vaisakhi! Love and peace, Amit x:)
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    Doh! I should have waited for a few weeks! :p
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    What do you look like?

    Ahhh what the's one of me, having my cake and eating it!!! (This is of me on my 29th birthday this year...if I tell people I'm 16 years they'd still believe me!) :p :D
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    Conversations with God

    I couldn't agree more! I understand peoples reasonings for looking at the material with a pinch of salt, as did I, however, it cannot denied that there is a simplistic beauty to the words within that book. Whether it was the gentleman called Neil or the Supreme, it made an impact on me and...
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    Hello, I'm Amit and I'm a Human Being...

    Hi Brian, Lunamoth, Wil! Thanks for the comments Wil :) LOL and easy mistake to make :P I love the comments on your profile wil - "we all have the right to choose, we just can't choose the consequences of our choices" I'm in the process of writing a book and that is basically the central...
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    (Your) Thought of the Day

    Ahh, i'm good at these, ok, here's my one for today! As well as having 5 fruits and veg a day, there are 5 things you need to do to nourish your soul for the day 1) Meditate 2) Smile 3) Laugh 4) Give 5) Appreciate Do these 5 things throughout the day and watch your day become more and more...
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    Conversations with God

    Some fascinating view points have been presented through this discussion I have read nearly the entire series and have found them to be great source of inspiration. Will we ever know if it was God speaking through Neil or was it Neil himself imparting some wisdom from his subconscious? I...
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    Hello, I'm Amit and I'm a Human Being...

    Thankyou V! :)
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    Hello, I'm Amit and I'm a Human Being...

    So often we get approached by people and asked "what are you?" I was tired of the stigma of religious labels so my answer to all is, I am a human "being" and someone who believes in a supreme being. This is my introduction to you, I am a child of all religions and beliefs, I want to learn the...
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    Is There an Ultimate Truth?

    It's strange, some people seem to believe that God, the universe and it's workings are so complex that we will never be able to understand them. My veiw is on the opposite end of the scale and that is that it is all so simple and beautiful and we inherently know the truth deep in our...