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  1. Rose22

    Hello from California

    Hi, my name is Rose and I live on the Central Coast of California. I havn't shared on a christian forum previously. I've shared on many other types though. I enjoy sharing what I've discovered, for myself. I grew up in a christian household, and found myself, after many years, finally able to...
  2. Rose22

    Why all the fascination with vibration?

    Raising your frequency is a term describing one's physical association with Christ like energies. The lowest energy people, are very negative types. They have little interest in evolving themselves. The highest, are like Christ, very open and mature types who look forward to adventure and...
  3. Rose22

    Was Jesus Michael or God?

    Hi 'cup', Not expecting appreciative remarks (maybe one or two). doubt I'll post that much (christian forums arn't ready for what I prepared to render). I usually am sharing, to see something, more clearly. I wasn't prepared for Jesus, saying anything through me. And I can only offer, that...
  4. Rose22

    Was Jesus Michael or God?

    Hi, I'm a new member (so first posting). I've shared on plenty of forums (so know the etiquette). This topic is a very interesting one. I feel I've had a personal experience with Michael, as a young girl. I also now have messages coming from Jesus, which would require, some dialoging, to...