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    Greatest Proof of a Lack of a Deity?

    Oh! :) I see now ....I can also entertain the notion of an unconscious let's get this whole "atheist" label off you. You do not fit the term you said. My hackles rise at the mention of the PLEASE, call yourself something else....or better yet, don't...
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    Greatest Proof of a Lack of a Deity?

    There is no God 'cause you're suffering?!?? The suffering is what WE are supposed to eliviate, NOT God. WE have caused it, not Him! That we are concerned about the human suffering that WE have caused, is PROOF there is a God. Not the contrary. If we were unconcerned, THAT might be your argument...
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    Is belief a necessity?

    I have come to the self-knowledge that belief in a higher purpose is a necessity at least for me. Whether a longstanding, highly suspect dogma from the illiterate past, or a individual expression of my own views, a belief in something outside of myself is the only means I have for the...
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    I put anyone from California with an attitude on a pedestal. I can't for the life of me figure out how anyone can live there! :D:D:D
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    No Heroes, Brian? Not even authors? Not even Mother Theresa? Is no one able to give you something to shoot for? Certainly the successes of others give you some kind of inspiration. My heroes: Buddha Mohammad Christ (All as men and not as religious leaders) Abraham Lincoln JFK Joseph...
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    What are you looking for?

    To the members who come here regularly: What are you looking for? Why do you come here? For what reason do you spend time posting on this board? Is it reenforcement of your beliefs? Is it to make yourself heard? Is it a need to connect? Is it an opportunity to educate? Is it an opportunity...
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    Lamenting Present Day Atheism

    Pseudonymous, Spiritualist may be a better label to define yourself...especially since you see yourself as an "odd duck" atheist. Perhaps atheism has not been well defined to me as I have a problem with the general "lack of faith" it implies. Since you state that you believe in a...
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    knock knock

    This "bearded man with pot belly" welcomes you...although time is something I have no control over. May you have fun among us and not be bored.
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    Does religion complete you?

    That is long as it occasionally gives you goose-bumps of awareness, makes you shine with enlightenment, and let's you know that whatever happens you are part of something more than what you see.:)
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    Hot Button Topic: Islam and Peace

    and Christ also basically says the same thing!
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    Does religion complete you?

    I started this thread after responding to another that I knew of many people who have embraced a religion out of a sense of incompleteness. Does your religion complete you? Does it fill a spiritual hole that would otherwise be empty? Does it accomplish this adequately?
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    Lamenting Present Day Atheism

    I am proud of you for your insights to yourself, although I don't share your lack of faith. I strikes me though, that you have a belief system, and, although you have no diety, your selfless admission that there is something "electric" in the worship you have witnessed comes as a shock from...
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    What would you change most about the world?

    If I could change 1 thing, I would give man seasons for reproduction as most animals have....and I would make it as difficult a time as at least the spawning salmon have. There are far too many people coming into this world with the upbringing of hyenas. (Probably a bad reference since hyenas...
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    9/11 - An American Conspiracy?

    You are absolutely correct, Fern. I know of not one person that is a mirror of how the media portrays us. The media has become too powerful in swaying public opinion by the simple suggestion of what we should think. Some time I really think that George Orwell was a true prophet and this is...
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    Would you live your life again?

    Go back? No way! I review my life on a daily basis and would not change any of the stupid mistakes it took for me to get here. I would though, relish a new life, as a different person, to have new experiences and new sights, new friends and new knowledge. Since I suspect that reincarnation...
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    What is a "religion"?

    Dear Susma, I am very sorry for my outbust and I must admit that I could be more patient with you. However, since I perceive a clash in personalities, I will no longer reply to your posts. I apologise to you and also the other members of this forum. I do hope the other members have the...
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    Cat Physics

    Thanks, Okie.....that was well done! Made my day!
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    What is a "religion"?

    [edit by I, Brian]unacceptable content[/edit]
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    What is "morality"?

    Societie's Definition: It is knowing the difference between right and wrong as it relates to the society in which you live. Given that, it's boundries are always in flux. In Religion, it would be based on the provided conscripts of the Diety involved. For is a point of view you are...
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    Sexuality, Spirituality, and the Internet

    How can a parent be "happier" if communication with their children has fallen off? A lost connection with my children, even as adults would be too devistating to consider, no matter how strong the pull of internet infidelity. Has your father been the least bit apologetic for destroying his...