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  1. KarimK

    Kuffar or Infidels?

    uh, sure Francis, I don't mind you quoting me at all... although I doubt there's anything worth quoting in there :D
  2. KarimK

    Sexuality and Religion

    Spontaneously, I'd say the word that links "sexuality" and "religion" for me is : "guilt". Until I turned twelve, thirteen or so, and stopped believing, I used to have the worst guilt trips ever. I'm not saying religion always make us feel guilty about sex, but my particular religious education...
  3. KarimK

    this is really GROSS!

    Walking into the bathroom one fine morning [without glasses or lenses] and seeing something black in the bathtub. Expecting it to be a small cockroach. On closer inspection, turns out to be a scorpion. Oh and mistaking a snake with a dead lizard in its mouth for a hose (blame it on the bad...
  4. KarimK


    force feed her, rather. yeah, Ally does have a lost puppy look about her that just makes you want to hug her and stroke her hair. I agree it's definitely part of her charm, the way she always ou know stumbles into daydreaming and is always sort of lost. but both Sex and the City and Ally...
  5. KarimK

    The Amazing Pseudo-Haiku Chain

    Why not someplace else? In a blur, blue, far away, Is death a new womb?
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    How do you pray?

    religions should always be amorphous beasts :D I find your take on religion really interesting. You're going beyond any possible dogma or given doctrine and just... mixing things up! how did you come to believe in those Gods? Do you believe in general that many gods exist and you just choose to...
  7. KarimK

    Should faith and patriotism be mixed?

    How so? Does that mean that monarchs derive their glory from God but NOT the legitimacy of their power? (oh and patriotism? I thought we were done with patriotism. Patriotism is evil.)
  8. KarimK

    The Gallery...

    17th I love you! your art, that is. I lurrrve it. :) and yay for feathers and flames : more of these! Eye of the Beholder / Heart of the Divine (why not both titles? =)) is really great! there's something about it... How do you do your work? With what program, I mean? (I only looked at the...
  9. KarimK

    to those who much has been given, much is expected etc,

    still, I think you ask interesting questions and as long as you're earnest (and not trying to just, you know, piss off the Christians), there's no problem in posting in excess, I guess. It's just that it basically boils down to the fact that there's something in Christianity that's terribly...
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    What do you look like?

    hey! :eek: no self-respecting Dragon Ball episode can end without a KAMEHAMEHA!
  11. KarimK

    to those who much has been given, much is expected etc,

    Wouldn't ONE thread with a title like : "My problems with Christianity" (or Catholicism, or whatever) be better? :)
  12. KarimK

    How do you pray?

    wow really interesting answers. :) Impqueen, I'd love to hear more about your religion. What is it exactly? Do you just pick up here and there the gods and ideas that you really relate to? Or is it more sort of a Germanic or Norse neo-pagan thing? Tao, did you find that your, um, technique works?
  13. KarimK

    How do you pray?

    Back then? I didn't even think of the words. I just figured it was something to say over and over again because that was the right thing to do. It was all very mechanical. I guess I also thought it was some sort of magic spell, you know, that I'd have to say over and over again? :o Oh except...
  14. KarimK

    How do you pray?

    When I was a kid and used to go to church every Sunday, I'd see all those people pray around me. I did try to pray. I closed my eyes and tried "talking to God" or whatever it was the priest taught us to do. Pray to God, talk to Jesus in your heart he will answer you. (I think it was early...
  15. KarimK

    Need 1 Million Signatures

    Signed. and going to pass it on. it's a pity they have less than 5000 signatures, and they've been doing that for a whole year...
  16. KarimK

    The Dreaming

    That's fascinating. We can never really fully comprehend it, but we can use it to enhance our own perception of things. I think it's something we've got to learn from the Indigenous Australian societies - rationalism is a good thing but maybe we've taken it a bit too far. and sadly, as you say...
  17. KarimK

    Nobel Peace Prize winner

    Happy Birthday, Dalai Lama! It's always great and reassuring to think that some sort of moral figure exists somewhere.
  18. KarimK

    Kuffar or Infidels?

    Oh and Wil, the offer is open to anyone :) It'll be a pleasure.
  19. KarimK

    Kuffar or Infidels?

    True. But the border with Jordan (the Allenby Bridge) is an awful pain to cross. Plus, you have to go through both Israeli and Jordanian customs... I wonder which are the worst... :rolleyes: :eek: You're kidding, right? You mean there are other ways to actually make ourselves heard by the...
  20. KarimK

    Mass in Latin again

    I have no idea what the point of the mass in Latin is. Okay, maybe to please the ultras. But what's the point of pleasing these people? If I were a catholic, I wouldn't want to have them as a part of my community : wanting to have the mass in Latin goes hand in hand (usually) with other opinions...