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  1. Wendigo

    Aleister Crowley - a fraud?

    The "something" that assisted him was named Aiwass. His personal Holy Guardian Angel; and confronting your own is one of the most important endeavours for a Thelemite. There surely were many facets of Crowley's personality, and his "beast" personae was probably just for media hype, and he...
  2. Wendigo

    Christian Druidry: God and the Elements

    I wasnt trying to say people shouldnt be modern Druids; I was just wanting to find out how the title of Druid has changed, and Path-of-One has explained. Religions definately do evolve. More people should be tree-huggers, I know I am. Path-of-One sounds like he has a good understanding of what...
  3. Wendigo

    The Horned One

    Okay, I too was wondering which "horned one" we're talking about. But I mentioned Beltane because of the Lord/King Stag, since I think Beltane without any consideration for this "horned one" would be lacking. And I wasnt trying to say this Lord Stag should be theeee God. He is however, the...
  4. Wendigo

    Christian Druidry: God and the Elements

    I take it that "Druid" means something entirely differently now. People looking for a path have idealized Druids of the stone age, yet what I hear about it, it has little to do with ancient Druids as described by Pliny, Caeser and the other classical writers. For instance, how can a neo-Druid be...
  5. Wendigo

    Church driving gay into Neopaganism?

    I was quite surprised after reading Janet and Stewart Farrar's The Witches Bible, where they actually condemned gay covens, as to being unbalanced, etc. Their view is that wicca is a fertility religion, at least thats how I understood them. They dont believe in all male or all female covens. I...
  6. Wendigo

    The Horned One

    If you dont feel any affinity with the horned one, perhaps you should consider forming one. I mean, he's pretty important, especially during Beltane. Choosing not to name him in ritual is up to you, but to leave him out altogether is a loss, imo.
  7. Wendigo

    Wicca - Too Many Rituals?

    Usually the 'fluffbunny' types are drawn to such things as wicca, because they feel they can do whatever the heck they want and still be part of the wiccan community. what ever happened to discipline in a spiritual path? with no discipline, there is no direction and growth. and in regards to...
  8. Wendigo

    Conversations with God

    Im not one to personify God, so I was a unmoved with Walsch's God. ITs been years since I read it, so I forget. How exactly did he explain his workings with God, was it automatic writing? his own musings? a voice? Im more apt to believe its 'conversations with himself', his alter ego maybe, or...
  9. Wendigo

    The Creator of time

    Depending on what our state of consciousness is, time is relative. Since our physical bodies live on earth in the third dimension, we measure time in three. Past, Present, and Future. According to quatum physics, the time we experience is found in the 6th dimension. Its often referred to as...
  10. Wendigo

    Astral projection experience. Where did i go?

    Your particular astral experience sounds like a Rising of the Planes, because it seems you rose perpendicular to your physical body. Did you notice a cord from your navel solar plexus area? Its hard to say where you went, since different systems have different names for the astral dimensions...