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    For me, to worship, is simply to spend time with God, and with him alone.
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    Are you happy?

    Those writings are pretty good, I will take a look at them more when I have some time.
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    Are you happy?

    It's great to find someone who accepts that there is a God! Would you say that the God you know of is the same God that is described through the Bible? - or not? (just curious that's all, I have a friend who is in your situation, he wants to know more about what I believe in)
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    Which part of Jesus's life...

    I would have liked to be at the last supper. I could imagine how Jesus would be feeling, satisfied, but nervous. To see him giving bread, knowing that he would die for us, and yet still prepared to go through with it. And even sit and have one final meal with his followers. That is a true...
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    Hello, I am new here... I got here through some webmaster forums that I Brian is on alot... My name is Elliot Haughin, I am 18, and I am a Christian. I'm not a Catholic, or a Baptist, or a Methodist, or a Pentecostal... none of them, I just beleive what the Bible says. I am a Christian volunteer...
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    Did the Jews kill Jesus?

    I think that God allowed Jesus to be killed by the Jews, and God sent Jesus to the world for this purpose. And Jesus accepted this would be how his life ended. "Yet not my will, but yours be done". I don't see anything constructive in pointing the finger really. One thing I find about many...
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    Old Testament -New Testament which do christians use?

    As a christian, I use the whole Bible... because of the line of work that I am in, I often find myself reading the letters of the new testiment alot, just because they are a great encouragement, and they offer practical advice to living life as a true christian. And, I enjoy reading the old...
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    Are you happy?

    I. Brian, I am a Christian (you may know me from elsewhere ;) ) There is a difference between happiness and joy. Joy is the internal satisfaction that comes from knowing that Christ, my saviour, made me a promise... for my salvation, and that Christ stays true to his promises. I also feel...