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  1. wisdom seeker

    Is the bible without error?

    I believe that the Bible contains errors since it was written by human beings and all of us are fallible. On the flip side I also believe that the basic teachings of the Bible are sound and translate generationally. Those are the teachings that I believe are God-given. In my research on...
  2. wisdom seeker

    The Poisonous Nature of Religion

    I believe that you are correct. But I also beleive that its of our own doing. It is my opinion that human beings have a drive to be "right". Most beleive that their particular way to God is the only way. Sadly, I hate to admit that I formally resided in that camp as well. In my search I...
  3. wisdom seeker

    Do you have a demon?

    Guess I'm pretty much in the clear...I scored 14. :)
  4. wisdom seeker

    Ten Questions

    1) Who is God? My father, brother and friend 2) What is God? The creator of the universe 3) Where is God? Everywhere 4) What is Soul? The part of me that stays connected to God 5) If God created the Universe and us, then why need a religion to reach him? We dont't need religion. Relgion...
  5. wisdom seeker

    Finish the sentence: "I love it when...."

    I love it when I am lying in bed and a cool morning breeze brushes across my face, I can smell the freshness of spring and I can feel the warmth of my husband cuddled up next to me.
  6. wisdom seeker

    Greetings All

    I would like to say that I truly believe that you have an excellent site for the free exchange of ideas and I count myself very fortunate to have found it. Although I am very strong in my belief in God and in my relationship with Jesus Christ, I have recently developed a curiosity in other...