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    Do we (Muslims, Christians and Jews) believe in the same God or not?

    Good topic, but at the core of the question "Do we Worship the same God?" The answer has to be "There is only One God to Worship" ;)
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    Hope all of our folks in New Orleans/LA/Mississippi etc are ok

    May our Thoughts and Prayers be with them. Amen. :(
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    Interesting discussion, However it amazes me, as was suggested in the begining of the thread, that some people would believe in multiple Gods and take Satan as a equal to the Lord G-d himself. As a monotheist the idea that Satan, or any other creature or force in the Universe would have...
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    Names of the Devil

    some more names; "Prince of Darkness" "Azazel" - sometimes said to be a arch-demon not Satan himself. "The Fallen One" "The Adversary" - (Jewish) some Islamic names for Satan are "Shaytaan", "Iblis", "The Deciever", name for Anti-Christ is "Dajjal"