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    Fluffy Bunnies

    Oh, I agree that the term "Fluffy Bunny" is derogatory. It was meant to be. It was coined by those Neo-Pagans who got sick and tired of walking into their Occult stores and seeing $ilver Ravenwolf books on the shelves, telling their readers how evil and vile the Christians are. Or seeing D.J...
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    Fluffy Bunnies

    I wrote this on another forum, and thought that it was relevant to this topic. So voila! FAQ: What is a Fluffy Bunny? This is a difficult question to answer, simply because there are many ideas regarding what constitutes a fluffy bunny. In this thread I hope to provide an overview of the...
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    Immaculate Transcendence

    Hajimemashite, Sidhe_Uaine-san! Hai, genki desu. Anata wa? I'm attending the University of Regina, in Canada. :)
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    Is Selflessness Good, And Does Religion Breed Selfishness?

    This is an interesting topic. Well, on the matter of selfishness and its nature, I'm of the Buddhist mindset which is best captured in the words of the Venerable Thubten Chodron: Now, what we tend to see in religions (Buddhism included) are people who, when they have some great revelation or...
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    Divination: where does the info come from?

    I personally believe that Divination is the highly skilled art of making use of our brain's amazing ability to recognize patterns. Yes, I believe that Divination is pattern recognition. That an individual's subconscious mind sees events that are happening in the now, as well as the events...
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    The Necronomicon: Fact or Fiction?

    Yes, I am speaking of the Simon version. I apologize, I should have specified. Since I'm stubborn, I wasn't a fan of being denied the ability to read the grimoire, so I asked around and found out that it's the Mad Arab, Al Azif who would be responsible for what I experience. Since he was...
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    Shared perceptions of the Divine

    I do not believe God created the Universe as much as 'he' defines it. (Since I also do not believe that there was a "In the beginning." I'm an advocate of the beginningless beginning theories of Taoism.) I do not believe that God is a conscious being who does human things like "desire" and...
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    fiction and nonfiction as inspiration

    ~Fiction As Inspiration~ My Chaos Magick paradigm is the RPG Exalted by White Wolf. ~Non-Fiction As Inspiration~ The Sun inspires the entirety of my spiritualities. From Buddhism to the Occult, it's the Sun that serves to spark the most creativity, devotion, and sincerity.
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    Power of Magick?

    This is a fantastic topic which sparks much-needed thought in the Occult World. I'm with the Quantum Physicists who say that nothing is impossible, but not everthing is probable. While the probability of magick being used to turn skyscrapers into bunnies is incredibly, incurably low, it does...
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    The Necronomicon: Fact or Fiction?

    WHKeith hit the nail on the head. Though the Necronomicon's origins are in fiction, it's effects on the magickal world have been very real. I'm one of several individuals who can't actually open the Necronomicon without being overwhelmed by nausea and a buzzing sensation in my head. I...
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    Immaculate Transcendence

    Konnichiwa, mina-san. I am the Rain of Brass Petals. I am a Buddhist and an Occultist who is very much interested in interfaith dialogue and discussion, as well as Taoism and Shinto. I have found that it requires a great deal of self-discipline to discuss such matters without resorting to...