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    Hell: exothermic or endothermic?

    My goodness, that person really finished his test early! Anyway, I always just sort of figured Hell was exothermic because it was full of fire, which is an exothermic reaction. But I always have a tendency of oversimplifying things. Meh. Kudos to this person! That was an A well deserved.
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    A warm welcome to you, Ain Soph. Enjoy the show. :)
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    Unchallenged. Actually, my Spanish teacher had a friend who died from the bombing, so it's fairly close to home for me. :( Tragedies suck.
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    What book are you reading at the moment?

    Oye, you can't go wrong with a good teen fantasy. I'm reading Howl's Moving Castle. By Diana Wynne Jones. The woman is a genius. A published author of over 30 years, she only gets better at it. :)
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    Magic School Opens in Austria This strikes me as sort of cool, freaky, and just rather... ack. It's hard to put into words. lol. But if you can, I welcome it. Any thoughts?
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    Find your fairy!

    My fairy is called Oak Elffilter (As in, the filterer of elves.? Gotta make sure they don't get through! o_O) She is a cheerful sprite, she lives in forests of oak and lime trees, she is only seen on Midsummer's Eve. *huff* How dreadfully boring. I want to avenge widows in a bone-chollling...
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    Gay Marriage

    It was my understanding that Jesus said nothing about homosexuality at all. And that the Homosexuality referred to in the Old Testament is actually addressing a from of idol worship in which people engage in homosexual activity to bring themselves closer to certain goddesses. Therefore these...
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    Nichiren Buddhism

    I'm curious as to what this denomination of Buddhism actually IS. Whenever any Buddhist is listing the schools of Buddhism, I never hear about this one. I only hear about it completely independantly, and it is never compared to any other denominations, and so leaves out what i really want to...
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    Gay Marriage

    Yes, juantoo, a daresay we can still be friends! Yay! And thanks for clearing up some things Archangel. That theory seems much more valid to me now, even a little bit intriguing. :)
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    If you are wrong, do you go to hell?

    If you are right, then according to Christian teachings, having rejected Christ, I will most certainly go to hell. *crosses fingers* However, if YOU are wrong, then where you end up depends entirely on who is right, and the beliefs are extremely diverse. If Islam is correct, then I THINK you...
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    humour posts

    When considering getting married, I ask myself: Is this REALLY the man I want my children to spend their weekends with?
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    Hello all

    Thanks again for the welcome. It is much appreciated. :) Susma, you nailed it! Though breaking down the title of the religion is probably not going to get you a very good sense of what it is. Unitarianism and Universalism were two liberal Christian denominations that opposed Orthodox...
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    Gay Marriage

    I would like to clarify. Homosexuality is not a lifestyle choice. It is something a person has no control over. Perhaps homosexual ACTS are a lifestyle choice, but being homosexual is not. I'm gay, and my lifestyle is no different than that of my heterosexual sister. I do agree, however, that...
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    Gay Marriage

    I think I agree, for the most part. :) It's difficult for me to argue with you, but denying marriage to a homosexual couple just doesn't seem unconstitutional to me. The definition of marriage is a union between a man and a woman, so with that definition, denying homosexual couples marriage is...
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    Hello all

    Thank you all for the warm welcome. I'm trying to be as patient as I possibly can. But you know us hormone-crazy teens. Trying to identify ourselves asap and experience absolutely everything all at once. ;) *sigh* Oh, the foolishness of the young.
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    You are wrong: what now?

    For me, it would depend on what the theory actually IS. If it was a theory that I found particularly enlightening, I would probably adapt. If not, however, I would need more than I universal acceptance of a contrary belief to change what I think. Just because something is widely considered to be...
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    Hello all

    Hey there. I'm a 16 year old male, and I must say, I feel a bit out of my league in here, but I joined anyway! I'm sure I won't regret it. You all seem really... really... smart... :eek: *ahem* Anyway, to the point. I am a teenager, and religious at heart, but I'm having difficulty finding one...