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  1. foundationist

    S A R S - over-reacting?

    Certainly a valid point. I simply cannot help but think in relative terms of Malaria. A popular figure is that at least 1 million people will die of the disease this year - the majority being children - and generally in third world sub-Saharan Afirca. It is said that every 30 seconds a child in...
  2. foundationist

    Hot vents and Europa - life beyond Earth

    Actually, not necessarily. The idea of black smokers forming in the oceans of Europa presumes they would be fed by volcanic fault lines caused by the constant tidal tug of Jupiter on Europa's core itself. In other words, sulphur based life forms would simply require a constant vulcanicity to...
  3. foundationist

    Grey goo EARTH... pessimism?

    He's specualting! I don't see the "50-50" as having a mathematical basis, just an expression of his fears. :) He raises important points - but I think your post suggests he is confusing "humanity" with "civlisation". It would be extremely difficult to eradicate huamnity. However, a major...
  4. foundationist

    Why Believe????

    It didn't actually convince when I had it - at least, rationally. I was probably at my most rationalist then, coming out from science A-levels and then taking a psychology A-level. I was faced with the rationalisation of the experience in biological terms - but that never actually felt...
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    The first I came across the "Desiderata" was on a Leonard Nimoy Album. I honestly thought he'd written it at first. The following line just cracked me up: Once you've heard Mr Spock say that, it makes it a little harder to connect with the intended widom of the sentence.
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    Request resources here

    It's actually already on in HTML form, and I've certainly considered putting up at least some content from it. Think I linked to an article from it on the topic of the Fool in that thread? Either way, the Chronicles "Gathering Encyclopaedia" was such an utter time-intensive...
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    Ancient Sites of Yorkshire

    Rievaulx Abbey really is very nice - very extensive ruins, widespread site - plus set in a wooded valley among the Yorkshire Wolds. Very nice. :) I think I'll have to think about taking the family there again this year. Long drive, but...ah, could be worth it if we pick a nice day. ;)
  8. foundationist

    Anyone here have pets?

    We have an aging hamster named "Binky". Not enough room for a dog, and never sure about getting a cat. Bigmacscanlon - you had a pet die on you recently - a dog, perhaps? Seemed a little sensitive? Or is it simply your casual manner? ;)
  9. foundationist

    G N N

    Thought this may be of interest: Guerilla News Network (GNN)
  10. foundationist

    Site in the process of being indexed...

    Confucianism section now updated - was actually just one page mis-spelled, but I optimised the titles for all the other pages under that section as well. ;) Oh - and I've now uploaded 18 new pages comprising of bad mis-spellings of world religion names. :) Talk about marketing... ;D
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    Conquering Fear

    The notion of voodoo seems to have more in common with an abusive relationship, where the victim allows the "practitioner" to dominate their own sense of reality. And such practices can play on some very real and powerful inner fears - only in such instances, the practitioner involved is able to...
  12. foundationist

    Israel/Palestine - Road Map to Peace

    Actually, this is probably quite linked: Israel turns up heat on Syria
  13. foundationist

    Israel/Palestine - Road Map to Peace

    Okay - keeping up-to-date on developments here so they can be followed, as no doubt now that Iraq is fading from view, this will gain greater prominence. Analysis: Gearing up for the 'road map' Analysis: Israel's 'road map' manoeuvres Sharon hints at 'settlement' deal Arafat 'opposes new...
  14. foundationist

    Why Believe????

    I guess belief in God comes from 2 main avenues - being told that there is God, and experiencing something that feels like God. I'm one of the latter - general life experience has given myself a sense that the notion of a Concept of God (beyond all human comprehension) as like an active...
  15. foundationist

    Peruvian city faces imminent disaster

    Here's the link: Glacier crack places Peruvian city in peril
  16. foundationist

    Ancient artifacts looted

    Well, the search has begun to trace looted items: International effort to recover stolen Iraqi treasures
  17. foundationist

    Human D N A finally mapped

    Yup - the announcement two years ago was just a little premature - but now the mapping is complete and finalised: Human genome finally complete
  18. foundationist

    Great apes face imminent extinction

    I guess the Great Apes are like the litmus test for enviromental protection - if we cannot even protect them, then what can we actually protect on earth?
  19. foundationist

    New American Century - Neo-Cons

    It's that link and similar that reveal important undercurrents in US political thinking - I've seen a number of such articles spammed onto other forums, and they're what revealed the strategic reasoning for the US going into Iraq - oil by itself was not enough - trying to lessen dependence on...
  20. foundationist

    Request resources here

    Sorry about the slow replies to this topic - and the I Ching is in preparation, along with a couple more Confucian works. ;)