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    Fundamentalist Christianity

    That perfectly sums it up. How can we really prove anything? At the end of the day can you really; with absolute certainty; prove anything past the fact that you exist and have thoughts? The answer is clearly no. I would never say, dont follow the teachings of a book, on the contrary, it is...
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    Religion vs Philosophy?

    Sorry, I do apologise, I only just realised how broadly my initial post could have read. I was talking about philosophy from a purely metaphysical perspective. As a system by which to doubt the world around you, or if you can fathom it, the open-mindedness to try and question whether you...
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    Thanks Brian, cool link ;)
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    Fundamentalist Christianity

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    I like the snow, very fitting indeed. Do you know of a cool site that has lots of downloadable javascript such as this, or did you code it yourself? A few little novelties such as that might help with my coursework ;)
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    Religion vs Philosophy?

    Over the last couple of years I have become more and more interested in philosophy. For a long time I looked at philosophy simply as another form of thought outside religion, but of late I have come to regard them as opposites. I have recently come to this conclusion as I feel that (for the most...
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    Fundamentalist Christianity

    Is there anyone else here who disagrees with me. Anyone feel that there is nothing inherently niave with blindly believing in something?
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    What do you think of the Matrix Revolution?

    Yeah, it's diffucult to make any comments on the film at this early stage without spoiling plot for the millions who haven't seen it yet. I almost enjoyed it as much as the first film, and it was by far the most philiosophical of the three. Now everyone, hurry up and go see it so we can discuss...
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    9/11 - An American Conspiracy?

    Strange too that Michael Moore's Stupid White Men had to pulled from the shelves having been dur for release that week. The book contained much damning evidence on both Iraq and Afghanistan. Stranger still was the fact that Progressive Metal giants Dream Theater were due to release their "Live...
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    Fundamentalist Christianity

    No most intelligent people realise that they have no idea how the universe was created, and most are humble enough to accept the fact that even if something or someone tryed to explain it to them, the limitations of there own minds would probably not be able to properly understand such an...
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    Fundamentalist Christianity

    [reply written in 2 halfs because it was too long for the reply box - lol - ;)] ... and the other half... -------original post----------------------- (3) (a) You yourself turned away from Fundamentalism. Is it common for Fundamentalists to eventually turn away from their faith...
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    Fundamentalist Christianity

    Ok here goes. Firsty let me apologise, if I came over as sarcastic, this was not my intention, but I there were hints of sarcasm in my post I do apologise. Fundamentalism in any form is simply something I cannot really comprehend adhereing to. In a similar fashion --original...
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    Fundamentalist Christianity

    Hi WHKeith, I've been away for a while (computer problems) but I'm about again now. I am simply facinated by what makes someone believe in the irrational. I have a keen interest in philosophy, and I agree with Decartes in the notion that the only thing that I can be 100% certain of, is the fact...
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    A walk in the woods

    What I meant to say was I miss having a more nonchalant attitude toward work, and a lot more free time ;D No time to just be outside any more - Its depressing really. It think that everyone can suffer a mild form of SAD through lack of Vitamin D. Those who work outside truly take our sun for...
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    Ancient Egyptian town discovered

    REF : Ancient Egyptian town discovered + Oak Island
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    Roman aquaducts

    Aquaducts in general truly are a wonder of ancient architecture. Splendid!
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    Ancient artifacts looted

    I couldn't agree more, but it should be remembered that most of the really old/valuable artifacts in the world have found their way into a museum not through achaeology, but through the so called "looting" of ancient sites by people far more interested in achieving masses of wealth than bringing...
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    Is Christianity too fixated with Salavation?

    The thing that bugs me about salvation, is not the concept of being devoid of sin, but those who claim to have achieved it - most notably priests. Don't get me wrong, this isn't an attack on priests, just the ones who wrongly think they have some sort of divine superiority over the rest of us. I...
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    Potter banned - unbanned

    Thats just dumb. As a kid who grew up a strict diet of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Transformers I have one question. Does anyone remember these shows ever significantly influencing regular kids? He-Man in particular was big on "the battle between...
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    Why Believe????

    I will look out for it when Emperor is finally released