teachings of Jesus christ or human philosophy?

Re: 1914: Teachings of Jesus Christ or human philosophy?

Hi Mee —


As most bible students are aware Jesus spoke about the litral destruction of Jerusalem , and it did come true just as he foretold in 70C.E.

but not only was there a minor fulfillment back then on Jerusalem , but the MAJOR fullfillment was for our time.

but going back to 607 B.C.E. no king was on the throne after that time to represent God. not untill 1914 when Jesus recieved his kingship in heaven at the end of the Gentile times .

In 70 C.E., Jewish Christians could have been killed or enslaved along with everyone else in Jerusalem.

However, according to the historical evidence, they had heeded Jesus’ warning given 37 years earlier. They had abandoned the city and had not returned.

so it is today, true christians have to abandon false religion and stay out ,because when the GREAT TRIBULATION starts, the first thing to go will be FALSE RELIGION (BABYLON THE GREAT)

and those who claim to represent God are a very big part of False religion , just as the litral Jerusalem in 70.c.e claimed to represent God , but it did not have Gods aproval, because of their UNFAITHFULNESS