Palestinian State and Signs(?)

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I am transferring this post from another group I belong too. I find this an interesting proposition or coincidence.
For your thoughts on this:

Palestinian State:
Another issue I talked to Timothy about on the phone
was a Palestinian state, and the pressure the Bush
Administration will be facing after the war in Iraq to
bring resolve to this issue. This is a very critical
time for America. Timothy believes that the enemy is
trying to water down this issue into a 'non-important'
matter that will work itself out and have no vital
consequence on America. This type of thinking is in
error, and disregards every warning and same-day event
which has followed a public announcement of U.S.
endorsement of a Palestinian state. If the explosion
of the Challenger over Palestine, Texas, was the last
warning, I fear the coming event may be a 1,000-times
greater. Timothy believes that the 9.0+ earthquake
which was offset on November 1, 2002, will occur
sometime between the Spring and Winter of 2003 at the
conclusion of the war, if we continue on our current
path. We believe in a one-state solution, not a
two-state solution, and believe that supporting a
two-state solution has severe spiritual and physical
ramifications which could weaken God's protective
covering over America. Michael has one foot on Israel,
and one foot on America; if he removes his foot from
America, the land is in great peril. Again, these
warnings are given so we can intercede and avert the
event from coming to pass. Pray for the Bush
Administration, for wisdom, discernment and guidance
throughout 2003. We love and support President Bush,
and pray for him and the administration on a daily
basis. Please consider putting the Bush Family on your
daily prayer-list, for many lives are hanging in the
balance during the months ahead. Sincerely, Deanna

[Timothy Snodgrass ministry]
A one-state solution may be the better long-term solution, but it simply cannot occur in the short-term. There are too many wounds - far too many. It would be like advocating marriage between two people who utterly detest one another beyond the point of violence.

Spiritually, yes, they should perhaps and heal and be one - but realistically small steps need to be taken to reach that eventually goal.

Best to start slow - getting them both to even sit peacefully by one another would be darn good progress. Everything else would continue from there. That most certainly would not be a "non-important matter".
There are too many prophets these days. If someone thinks themselves a prophet then let God give them such a title. Self-proclaimed prophets are ten-a-penny in the United States and not a pair can agree with each other!
what do you mean when you say "one-state" ?

One Israel, One Palestine, or a unification?