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Yup - like it says on the tin. Over the past few days a visit by the Googlebot last month has finally come up in the search terms. Unfortunately, it was too early to get anything but the main pages (Home, FAQ, About), and also Confucianism, which were the only sections up at the time.

There's a meta-tag though that tells the Googlebot to return after 28 days, so in about 4 weeks time we should see just how successfully this website has been targeted. As I figured a new site would probably rank low, I thought I needed something unique, which is why I went to so much effort to chase down the New testament Apocrypha. Hopefully it should also bring in the thoughtful visitor.

Not only that, because it is the biggest single online collection then other websites will start linking to it - I sent out a number of e-mails a couple of weeks ago and some folks said they would update their links to inlcude this site. Some will simply lift the links directly from the page here to their own pages - but I only contacted those who'd copied previous lists of links without trying to host the content locally themselves. I've also submited to targeted Christian categories.

Anyway, speaking of targeted marketing, I've also adjusted some of the page titles - I note we are now listed first (and second) on Google for the search term "foundationist". We're only second for the search term "foundationism" itself, so I've now renamed the About section to have the title "About - foundationism". That should lift us up to the top. It would be interesting if we really could get some Bab 5 fans coming into the forums as well - especially as chasing the term it's likely to be the more opened-minded type as well.

Overall, it's the Apocrypha section which I expect will lift the site up the search rankings, as other sites link to. This will have a direct knock- on effect to the rest of the material hosted here, which means that the other religions should start bumping up in the search terms queries, and thus help draw in a whole range of people.

As I'm also intending to place up a lot of other material - principly philosophy next, maybe science later - crikey, maybe even literature one day - then all I can say is that things bode well for this place. Starting slow, but it will soon build up.

And with the Chronicles site already a small hub in it's own right, and looking to expand, the way I cross-link these two websites of mine means that they should be mutually supporting in terms of cross-linkage helping boost one another's search ranking.

To which all I can say is - onwards and upwards.

Just a little update there. ;)
Darn it - we're ranked No.2 on Google for "Confuscianism". That's right - I've mis-spelled the template for that section, so likely I'll have to correct and re-upload the 60 or so pages in that section.

Darn it!!!
Confucianism section now updated - was actually just one page mis-spelled, but I optimised the titles for all the other pages under that section as well. ;)

Oh - and I've now uploaded 18 new pages comprising of bad mis-spellings of world religion names. :) Talk about marketing... ;D