What I don't like about God !


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I received this email from a friend today. I thought it was quite thought provoking.

It’s shocking. . I know. . .but I can’t help it. . .there are some things about God that. . well. . .I just don’t like and I wish he would change. Are you ready?. . .here it goes. ..

Okay. . .the first thing I don’t like about God. . . .why is it. . .every time I turn around I see God over there loving my enemies? I mean. . .. where’s the loyalty? I thought God was supposed to be on my team?

I saw a recent demonstration related to the war now raging in Gaza. One lady was screaming that the Jews should go to “another oven.” This was a totally shocking and ugly thing to hear. Yet, I understand her anger. If someone had killed my loved one. . .I would expect God to understand and embrace my anger, my hatred for the killers of my child. Of course, a God who loves me . . .is supposed to be FOR me and AGAINST my enemy. . .isn’t he?. . .well apparently not my God. . .no. . .he’s over there with my enemy loving him and telling me if I retaliate I will have to strike him first. I don’t get it. . .do you?

The next thing I don’t like about God is related to that. . . he forgives. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy and relieved that he is a forgiving God. Lord knows, I sure need God to be that way no question about it. . .but he always takes it too far; to the extreme. He always gets that linkage-thing going, reminding me, “I forgave you. . .can you forgive person X?”

He really starts to pile it on with the “which is a greater distant to transverse? The journey God makes from heaven to forgive you. . .or the journey you must make to forgive person X? Which is a longer journey? Which? Which? Which?” (and I don’t like how God keeps repeating the question when you don’t want to answer. . .he so irritating like that).

Here’s another thing about God I don’t like: the bait and switch. . .yea. . .that’s right. . I said it; the bait and switch. First he gives you all the nice love and makes you feel like you are only his, that you’re “special” to him and all that. . .and it’s nice and all. .don’t get me wrong. . .but then. . .he starts coming at you with all these expectations. . . .you know. . .its like he expects you to start thinking and feeling like he does and I’m like. . .whoa. . .did I apply for a job as God? Hey, look. . .I’m FOR God.. .I’m just not so sure I can BE God, okay?

One more thing, God is so inconvenient . . .I mean. . I think God, sometimes, just goes out of his way to do things in the most inconvenient manner. Things like:

How God prefers you to send handwritten letters rather than emails. . Get with it God. . .OMG we don’t have time. . .or how he prefers you visit and spend time with someone. .hello . .we have cellphones now. .Or walking with someone is better than driving in the car with someone. . .okay, now this is getting nutty! How about we compromise and I’ll wheel out my horse and buggy? Or that the best tasting fish you ever ate is the one you and a friend caught, cleaned and cooked together. Right, sounds great God. . .excuse me a sec. . .yea ah hello. . .I’ll take the fish filet sandwich with the super-sized fries, thank you. . . yea. ..number 7. . . .SEVEN! . ..oh and give me the strawberry shake with that. Okay. .thanks.

I remember when I was in Zimbabwe. I was invited to dinner one evening by a local family. They walked all the way to where I was staying just so they could personally escort me to their house. I told them they should have just given me directions. . .but they just laughed. Then after dinner, they walked me all the way home, which was many miles. It was very inconvenient. So we walked and talked and, yes, we really got to know each other. . .and, yes. . .I guess I’ll never forget them and all. . .but why would people put up with such an inconvenience?

It seems that love and relationship have a certain pace and timing that has become inconvenient for us today and so we just have to move on and leave it behind, I suppose. Things have to be convenient today and I don’t like that God doesn’t quite understand that.

Well, those are some of the things that I don’t like about God. . .there’s more I’m sure but I can’t think of them right now. . . .so … .if God could change all these things then, well, he would be just about perfect for me. . .just for me. . in fact. . only for me. He would be my private God. Therein lies the problem, I guess. . ..God is not a private God. (in fact, you can put that on the list) God is the God of all the people. . ..what an unfortunate circumstance for God that he must be a God of all. . .to be the God of Palestinian and of Jew, the God of slave and Master, the God of the murdered and murderer, the God of Custer, the God of Sitting Bull, of Blue, of Grey, of terrorist and terrorized, the God of the world of spirit and the world of flesh, the God of East and West, red and blue, the God of every race, every culture. . .yes. .and my God. . .but also the God of each. . .sinner and saint, friend and foe.

So. . am I wrong? Yes. . .I am wrong and that’s the final thing “I” don’t like about God. . .he is stubborn and absolute and will never change. . .so “I” must decide that this “I” that doesn’t like God. . . . is the “I” that must change!

What “I” don’t like about God is what “I” don’t like about “I.”
Oh, look there, as here, God is, where I'm not! Which I love by, in, over and under the way.
Soleil10 your friend is asking interesting questions.
God may be good, but life isn’t always good. The fact that life isn’t always good is the main reason people struggle with the idea of a good God. Other questions I’ve heard are if God is good why didn’t he do a better job of explaining his expectations for us. It also sounds like your friend is saying that life isn’t fair. Why is God forgiving my enemies? When people complain about something not being fair it is really them saying they are not getting something they want. Or in this case what they think someone is justified in getting (punishment). It’s interesting to me that no one ever complains about life not being good when the positive if for them. Like when a cop pulls you over for speeding and you know you should get a ticket because you willing broke the law. You don’t ask for a ticket you thank God and the cop for mercy. We rarely if ever spend much energy demanding fairness when we get more than we deserve. Your friend already mentioned being thankful for God’s love and I am also thankful. If I think about it I don’t want God to be fair. A truly fair God would give you and me exactly what we deserve and nothing more. This is where Christianity really stands apart from other religions. The God of Christianity never claims to be fair. He goes beyond fair. The Bible teaches that he decided not to give us what we deserve which is mercy. In fact God decided to give us exactly what we don’t deserve which is called grace. I’m thankful that God has forgiven your enemies and mine because just like them I don’t deserve the grace that has been shown to me. It’s out of this appreciation and love towards God that we/I want to serve Him and be more like Him not a bait and switch like your friend mentioned.
Welcome, good post. I, for one, do not like to Athropomorphize G!d... good, fair, just, loving are all human concepts. How can they apply to the One that Is?
"The next thing I don’t like about God is related to that. . . he forgives."

--> Mine doesn't. He holds us accountable for everything we do, just like Relevations says.

"The God of Christianity never claims to be fair."

--> Your Christian God is not fair. Mine is.
"The next thing I don’t like about God is related to that. . . he forgives."

--> Mine doesn't. He holds us accountable for everything we do, just like Relevations says.

Nick - you say your "God" doesn't forgive, but instead holds you accountable for everything you do.

Do you personally believe in forgiveness? Or is everything "an eye for an eye" with you? I personally see forgiveness as a gift we give to ourselves. By forgiving someone else, we are able to reduce our own suffering in life. When I forgive someone, it's like removing a heavy weight off my back. And most of the time, the other person doesn't care if we forgive them or not...

There are two types of forgiveness, humans doing the forgiving and God doing the forgiving.

Do I believe in human forgiveness? Yes, I do. (Everyone believes in human forgiveness.)

Do I believe in divine forgiveness? No, I do not.

It is important to keep the two concepts separate.

"...most of the time, the other person doesn't care if we forgive them or not..."

--> This is the beauty of divine accountability vs. divine forgiveness. If someone doesn't care if we forgive them or not, we can still receive feelings of peace and justice by knowing they will be held accountable for what they do whether we forgive them or not (assuming the idea of divine accountability is correct). My God is all about justice. I cannot imagine believing in a religion where people can escape responsibility, accountability, and justice. Can you?

I believe in the middle way. There is such a thing as being too humanly forgiving. There is such a thing as being too nice.

One more thing: The God of Genesis puts a curse on women just because they are women. This is not justice.
My G D is not fool and me . No forgiveness ! Why i forgive my enemies who undermine my god ,religion , my knowledge , truths . Above all who broke my bones .
My enemies and their god did to me what their souls wish. But i am sure that my G D is mighter than their god.
Just one question to God: Why he created so many religions not one????
Just one question to God: Why he created so many religions not one????

There is only one true religion, but man has clung to many of the teachers of religious method and understanding. Man has clung to the irrelevant points of religion, tried to show how each differs to better justify identification with their own tradition. In truth, they are all saying exactly the same thing, can you find what each finger points to? This is the process of seeking...
ilmawaqa's reposes may be understandable to some -- mainly those who believe the world is better with Religion. I think not.

Strange that you have said this, I go on saying that belief systems are as poison to religion, in this I am saying the same.

Man has corrupted the notion of religion, his religion is now restricted to a belief system for the most part, it is not interested in transformation any more for most of the world. That transformation is the truth of religion, but we go on believing these people are special and thus worship them.

It is as if we worship our own potential simply to put off achieving it - religion is treated as science, since this man has discovered it, no one else needs to. This has created all sorts of disgusting things in this world...