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It's difficult to really answer questions that are unfortunately vague. Magick is a rather large topic, with lots of conflicting opinions out there, so we really need to get a better idea what exactly you're looking for to provide meaningful answers.

Magick is a skill or way of looking at the world and doing things in order to achieve goals. Some people define it as working with so-called paranormal or psychic forces. Others define it as any type of conscious and deliberate action which is a lot more broad but in many ways is a lot more realistic.

Perhaps what you are actually asking is how to get started in a modern Pagan religion like Wicca, Druidry, or a related path? Many modern Pagan religions incorporate magick into their philosophies, but they are first and foremost spiritual paths. Magick might be a big thing, but it's not the main thing. Magick can also be practiced as part of any spiritual path that's out there (although some spiritual paths do have specific prohibitions against magick for their members.) You can also practice magick without any spiritual component to it at all.

If you're interested in modern Paganism one of the best places to start any search on the internet is This site provides information on groups and individuals from a wide range of paths all around the world. They also have an ever-growing collection of essays written by visitors, and an excellent set of FAQ files at

There are many good books out there that provide basic information including step by step instructions for how to get going in either magick or any of the various Pagan religions. The best advice is to keep in mind that no one can become an expert after reading just one book. Read as much as you can, by as many different authors as you can, from as many different publishers as you can. After at least a year, and at least a dozen books read, you will start to have an idea what is really involved. It's like any complicated topic -- it takes a lot of hard work if you want to really understand what is going on and give yourself a solid basis on which to build. We don't expect someone to become an instant doctor from reading a single book, and we don't expect a person to become skilled with magick or a dedicated Pagan after a single book either.

Don't be afraid to ask questions though. The only bad question is the one that is not asked. But do be prepared to do your own work. No one is going to hand you magick or spirituality on a silver platter with no effort required on your part. It doesn't work that way.
Wicca and Druidly mostly...

Well, yes, both a re interesting things.
I would like some basic knowledge on both and then a bit of starting it, if it doesn't bother or cost too much time on you. Thanks in advance. :p
The Mysterious said:
Well, yes, both a re interesting things.
I would like some basic knowledge on both and then a bit of starting it, if it doesn't bother or cost too much time on you. Thanks in advance. :p

The best place on the internet to read up on the basics of Wicca and Druidry (and many other forms of modern Paganism) is probably

Please read the FAQ files there and then if you have questions, by all means ask them here.
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hmm... you're right bruce, this is a tough one to answer.

over and above what B has already explained... there are differences between say, ceremonial magik and shamansitic magik that are significant enough to warrant their own threads of discussion.

though i'm no longer invovled in this area, if you are interested in the O.T.O or Thelema, you can find information on them here:
If I were you, I would read the book, “The Inner Temple of Witchcraft”. It is an easy read and it is down to earth. It is one of the best books I have ever read. Right now I’m reading its second installment, “the Outer Temple of Witchcraft”. It is good as well.
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Hello all!

Ummm, just how do we or just i get stated with magick and stuff?
I beg for help from anyone? Please would you help me?
I would definately reccomend anything by scott cunningham