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Anyone watching it? I just saw the pilot episode on Hulu.
It's a retelling of the story of Saul and David set in the modern era. I enjoyed the pilot. Just enough biblical references for me to geek out.

some of the things I can say without giving much away for those who haven't seen it (putting behind a spoiler modifier anyway:

David "Shepherd" comes from a pretty salt-of-the-earth background yet is a gifted musician. He receives the favor of "Rev. Samuel" who's no longer in support of "Silas." David single-handedly defeats a "goliath tank." And the story takes place in Shiloh.

I really hope they do something with that episode in the narrative where Saul and a bunch of prophets are all getting high on ruach hakodesh.
Thanx Dauer,

Now thinking back I saw some biblical references and thought about it, didn't realize how intentional it was.

Could be that was why I thought much was predictable. Without the biblical thought, the part that bothered me about the whole thing was the isolation it was all in.

Modern day city/country/monarchy which just overcame lengthy wars and rose to power, yet continuing to fight on a border with some other nation/state yet no world view issues as if they were the only two states involved and nothing else existed...

I enjoyed the power play of the NorthrupGrumman/BrownRoot/AIG/Haliburton entity controlling the monarchy...
Ok.... This has that dude from The skulls in it, kid who plays Caleb.... For that I will give it a chance... Downloading the first three episodes now... My thoughts on this (being biblical) are reserved right now... But who knows.... I did enjoy the passion of the christ. lol wrongs reasons maybe... But was good.. ;)

I have a feeling the show might be your speed. Not certain, but it's pretty good. Should've been on HBO or another cable network though. Would've been able to get away with more.
Why are these slow to be released?

"You want blood? Come here and take it! It's fresh. Still warm from the life that just left it. The blood of my brother. So take it. Take his blood and call it enough. If you need more, take mine. Do it, I surrender! Shoot me and call that enough. Or can one of you come down here and show me your face. Show me that you're more than tank, metal, and shell. That you're human like we are. That you breathe, that you bleed, that you feel and feel pity. That you live for more than our deaths. Come, any of you who have lost a brother. Come and tell me, it's enough."


That "living" crown was a pretty good CGI part of the series :D

This is for sure a good series probally 5th (or so) in my list.
Why are these slow to be released?

Cuz the show is so new I think. Only the two-hour pilot has officially aired. The Third episode airs tonight.
I thought the generals and the queen's brother was the writers saying something about governments making money through wars and big business, rendering the rulers powerless to third parties.
Oh man Sila's brother-in-law (queen's brother) thought he had things under control didn't he lol... But true, at the start we can clearly see and understand how he does have the power, to take, power, from his own ruler.
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Alas Dauer my fuzzy little friend... I bear dire news....

I was just watching a Kings... and this guys face just was bugging the hell out of me... It clicked... I just checked on google and I am sadly not mistaken..... Macaulay freaking Culkin....... Is in Kings.... :(

Is this freak really needed....

This picture speaks for itself...


Thats right, no, no.... He is not needed.