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has anyone yet seen this site above?
(I did a research on the forum and didn't find it)
Enlightened Spirituality, Welcome to Spiritual Awakening
There are many interesting things there.
The following page especially reminded me of this forum here where I got somewhat absent...
12 Spiritual Temperaments
These forums here reflect these twelve temperaments in a brilliant, spectacular presentation!
In essence, I see the discussions here more about these temperaments than about any view-points or content in religions.

But, :

***Before reading any further: if you wish, take the 15-minute survey
to discover your own spiritual temperament.
.....maybe some would like to report here their results, and also, about experiences while answering the 77 questions!
11) The Prophet / Trance-Channel gains inspiration and special knowledge (religious, artistic, medicinal) for self and others via psychic locutions and visions gained in a mediumistic or alter-persona trance state. While attuning to the “subtle realms of light,” such a person may encounter the Divine Father, Mother, gods, goddesses, spirit guides, angels, ancestral souls, nature spirits, et al. Sometimes s/he may have encounters with more demonic or mischievous figures from these subtle realms (e.g., the troubled souls of ancestors) and the successful Prophet/Trance-Channel learns to ward them off or bypass and transcend them. The state of trance may be induced via yogic experimentation or self-hypnosis, or arise spontaneously after emotional or physical health crisis, especially in persons who tend toward dissociative, alter-persona states.

The degree of the trance may also vary from a light trance-state to a “full-body” trance-state, the latter often involving a complete suspending of the normal sense of identity, replaced by the completely “other” alter persona identity of the channeled persona/entity/archetype. The latter situation would qualify as a case of spirit-possession. Downside: the person becomes psychologically dependent on the channeled presence of the other personality and perhaps narcissistically self-inflated in identifying with this “other being” who is felt as more powerful, authoritative, and dominant over the rest of one's human community or society. Mediumistic trance-channeling and/or spirit possession is found worldwide, from indigenous peoples of pre-industrial societies to Jewish, Christian, and Muslim prophets and saints, Hindu and Taoist folk religionists, the Tibetan state oracle, Spiritualists, New Agers, and Japanese new religions (shinko shukyo).

For example, all three Western monotheist religions appear to have been founded by men who had the Prophet/Trance-Channel temperament as a strong aspect of their overall personality—the Jewish Prophets Isaiah et al., Jesus (this is most apparent in the early Mark Gospel and the John Gospel's "I Am" sayings communicated from the Logos/Divine Word or Wisdom principle through Jesus), and Muhammad (through whom was communicated by angel Gabriel/Jibrail the Qur'an).

I see the troubled souls of my ancestors!!!! lulz....
My traits, most dominate to least dominate:

Compassionate Server
Intuitive Mystic-Sage
Yogi/Psychic-Experimenter {tied with} Monastic-Communalist
Sensual Ecstatic
Cynic / Freedom-Seeker
Dogmatic Believer {tied with} Ritualist-Ceremonialist
oh my, I have to print it out and use pencil and paper?

Somebody help them with this site!

I'll have some time later and will return with my results...
Tied- top two (7):

*** Not too surprising. I'm introverted, but I feel driven to help people. I have to have a balance between being with people and lots of time alone to feel rested. ***

Close seconds (11):
Cynic-Freedom Seeker
Intuitive Mystic-Sage

*** Yeah, makes sense. For me, the two go together. ***

Others I'm sort of like (13-16, in order):
Sensual Ecstatic
Yogi- Psychic Experimenter

What I'm not much like:
Prophet- Trance-Channel 18
Monastic- Communalist 20 (Drat, that introversion creeping in!)
Intellectual 21

What I'm *really* not like:
Dogmatic Believer 37 (LOL- who could have guessed that? :rolleyes:)
Tied- top two (7):

*** Not too surprising. I'm introverted, but I feel driven to help people. I have to have a balance between being with people and lots of time alone to feel rested. ***

A practitioner of anonymous random acts of kindness behind the scenes? :)

Intuitive Mystic
Cynic/Freedom Seeker
Ritual Ceremony

I don't know about the rest but they got the bottom three spot on...

Some folks would put Cynic as number one for me.

Some questions the either/or didn't resonate, and middle of the road didn't fit...but we proceeded.

Quite interesting...
1. Intellectual (10)
2. Monastic Communalist (11)
3. Devotee (13)
4/5. Compassionate Server/Hermit(14)
6.Yogi / Psychic Experimenter(15)
7. Intuitive Mystic-Sage (19)
8/9/10. Sensual Ecstatic/Prophet/Trance-channeller/Cynic/Freedom-Seeker (20)
11. Ritualist/Ceremonialist (22)
12. Dogmatic Believer (37)

The bottom two are definitely spot-on for me. Top three seem right as well, though which is higher varies from moment-to-moment.
7) The Hermit wants considerable amounts of time in solitude to access profound spiritual depths. Some hermits will belong to a monastery or community and move back and forth between periods of isolation and companionship in a given day, week or month. Other hermits set up for themselves an almost completely eremitic lifestyle of solitude. Downside: the Hermit temperament may become so content in spiritual practice and certain rarified states of consciousness that s/he no longer needs or wants to interact with human beings. Also, if the original motive for retreat involved any form of sociopathic aversion to human company, a spiritually and psychologically unhealthy syndrome can develop. Ideally, the Hermit temperament involves a sense of solidarity with all sentient beings, and culminates in the person coming back to society to share the spiritual fruits of solitude (joy, tranquility, loving-kindness, and other gifts of the Spirit). In this case, the person with Hermit temperament may still continue to spend significant time as an anchorite, but this is combined with social interaction.

I am the hermit and I love it, but not in the sense of a monk or a nun is thought of. As the hermit I have no problem today telling certain people to get lost and I am not shy about it. The days of trying to please everyone and neglect myself are OVER. I get along well with most other hermits and can do very well without the confusion and noise of the crowds and politics. I can and am able to do the intellectual, dogmatic, ritual & social things but it does not make me happy. If you can't get to know me in a one or one situation where we make a good special memory(s), then you are no friend of mine. I can be just as kind as I am cruel though prefer the former. I view the Jesus story as a hermit and his best moments were with people in a one on one situation where something special happened between them, where a special bond was created that no other dirt bag could take from them. In the end he was alone any way. Just him and his god. It was getting into the religious & political crowds which thrive on hate, jealosy, greed, fame, pride, and backbiting, that got him into trouble at the end and he knew that. I find more peace and love through the earth and the creation, the animals and elements of the earth than I find with most humans. Did I mention I do not trust most humans? ;). I have no use for the plastic phony balogny and I don't care how popular they may appear to be. Everyone gets one chance to intentionally double cross me or intentionally harm another man, they will never get a second chance to harm me. Surely I have my close friends and family but I trust myself, I respect myself, and I take care of myself first, then along the way I can share of myself with those few who might want to join me in the good things and solitude I have found and then they can also share the gems they have found. I love giving away the firstfruits of my quiet yet robust gardens to those who enjoy and appreciate them yet I refuse to feed them to the sharks. I love to play as a musician alone but can also accompany another if needed and can help to complete a vital part of a band. There are times I enjoy the harmony of many waters singing as I play, but to be alone at the piano or to have an unsuspected guest listen in is just awesome.

I so much admire the one on one relationships that the Christ made. I also admire his quiet time when he refused to debate, refused to share or speak to others who mistreated and falsely accused him. His sorrow that turned to joy as he found both in his positive alone time of worship, dedication and wonder, and that is what makes me happy and content.

Tied- top two (7):

*** Not too surprising. I'm introverted, but I feel driven to help people. I have to have a balance between being with people and lots of time alone to feel rested. ***