What your favorite Bible Book ?


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What is your favorite book from the Bible and why ?

Personally its pretty close between Psalms and Gospel of John, with the Gospel of John coming out on top. Because it seems to contain the most profound metaphysical truth :)
ah the favorite book, favorite quote...I just can't pick.

I picture the early Christians each with their folded copy (the early books) of a gospel or NT book, reading and rereading and then trading for another.

If all I had was one book that I could carry and share which would it be?

Which one would I hold onto and not want to trade away?

Heck I can't even figure which bible translation or version I like the best, everytime I read scripture I tend to look at 3-7 different iterations...
Isaiah in the old, Acts in the new.

Ecclaesiastes and Job are two of my other favorites.

That's four (I cheated).