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Looking forward to commentary on this one.

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Someone, with some justification, accused me not so long ago of just coming here and venting my anger. It was good to look at these two who have every reason to be angry turn it into the energy of determination to just do the right thing.

The mass media is a joke. Faux news and the propagandists of the establishment have enjoyed for too long the ability to pump out their crap without redress. Perhaps in the US there is a large growth in independent media but here there is no discernible shift. And while some journalists within the BBC and ITN do try to sneak in the odd item against the party line, on the whole our media is a one dimensional support of government policy masked with the continual dissection of their most trivial corruptions. It is all so deliberate and obvious it is insulting.

Over the past 8 years both in the US and here our leaders have conspired together to commit war crimes. Talk in the pub, coffeeshop and workplace leaves me with the sense that the wider public want to see people convicted of these crimes and punished. Even if they are ex presidents and prime ministers. Yet with a media they control this voice is ignored.

Here the reporter who is getting most media attention at the moment is known to go to the private meetings and conventions of the people responsible and profiting from this so called credit crunch. Using an idiotic voice with eccentric emphasis John Peston talks an utter lot of nothing of ANY value. What he infact does, and quite cleverly, is mislead the listner/viewer with a personal commentary that was developed and polished to deliberately say something without saying anything. He is nothing but a smoke grenade.

What we really need to do in a progressive democracy is put his like up against the wall and shoot them :rolleyes:
What we really need to do in a progressive democracy is put his like up against the wall and shoot them

Would we still have a progressive democracy when we're done? ;)
Glad to see Amy Goodman and Glenn Greenwald get some time on Bill Moyers' show. I'd never heard of I.F. Stone before.

I like Amy Goodman's take on what journalism is and should be; she's absolutely right. Like Greenwald said in the interview and Tao pointed out in his disgruntled post, too many journalists are propagandists for government. Bill Moyers made some great points about "establishment" journalism, and how oftentimes journalists are representing powerful interests (corporations, government agencies) rather than the citizens that they are ostensibly reporting the news to.