Can’t we just hold it?


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Can’t we just hold it?

Accept or reject are not the only options one has. The most important and generally overlooked, especially by the young, is the option to ‘hold’.

It appears to me that many young people consider that ‘to be negative is to be cool’. This leads them into responding that ‘X is false’ when responding to an OP that states that ‘X is true’.

When a person takes a public position affirming or denying the truth of ‘Y’ they are often locking themselves into a difficult position. If their original position was based on opinion rather than judgment their ego will not easily allow them to change position once they have studied and analyzed ‘Y’.

The moral of this story is that holding a default position of ‘reject or accept’, when we are ignorant, is not smart because our ego will fight any attempt to modify the opinion with a later judgment. Silence, or questions directed at comprehending the matter under consideration, is the smart decision for everyone’s default position.

Our options are reject, accept, and hold. I claim that ‘hold’ is the most important and should be the most often used because everyone is ignorant of almost everything.

Do you accept, reject, or hold judgment regarding my claim?
There is nothing wrong with putting forth a position, this is after all a forum.

The only problem I see is when we cling to that position well beyond the point that it's been proved wrong. We should all be willing and able to integrate new perspectives, after all, isn't that what enlightenment is?

The clearest example of this obstinate clinging can be found in the Obama Birth Certificate thread where Nick_A stuck fast to his position despite detailed refutations of each of his points. Unlike many threads that are primarily based on personal opinion, this thread was grounded in law and only required a modicum of research to refute Nick's claims.

We all share some unwillingness to accept a new outlook. But as members of IO we should possess some ability to let go of old ways and explore new horizons. It is a fundamental step we must take if we want to grow spiritually.

Iraq has weapons of mass destruction.
Freud and Darwin are frauds.
God made me.
You are driving too fast.

When faced with these statements does it matter which of the three buttons ‘accept, reject, or hold’ that you push?

Just what impact does a decision of 'reject or accept' have on my future considerations?

It is my assumption that such a decision causes me to either stop or at least to slow down any further consideration of the matter. It appears to me that many of our conclusions are “worked out” within our unconscious, especially while we sleep.

Our educational system is designed around the basic premise that the students will accept what is told to them and that this acceptance is very important for their future welfare and for the welfare of the community.