Religion and Peace


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Note, this is not as an 'excuse' as it is for war, not an apology; there is nothing separating religion and peace, the two go together, all that can separate the two is the error of Man (and one must point the finger at Man, rather than Woman).

Feel free to start sub discussions on particular modern or historic groups to describe how they are peaceful; please avoid negative discussion on why war is good and why goups are violent, those belong on the religion and war thread.

Keeping this brief, I mention a few headings for people to take and discuss in more detail:

1. There is evidence of mass murders dating back to the stone age and before, so violence amongst humans is not alien and we must accept this fact. Make the distinction between violence and war and the causes of violence - when was the last time you walked outside and was attacked? Violence and organized violence (some sports events) must be placed in context.
2. The Egyptian Empire lasted for 3 000 years and more. Even in the Judaic text (Moses 'fled' Egypt), they are known as a place of refuge. This aside, for a society to exist for so long, it must be inherently peaceful.
3. Trade routes existed from China to West Africa at 4,000 BCE, this could not happen if war and killing were the norm.
4. The Americas, prior to Columbus (Viking and French contact prior to this did not have the same effect), possessed nothing more dangerous than the bone and rock; throughout the continent, trade flourished (there are trade camps built in parts of Mexico and the Southern USA). 'War' was often a fight between 'champions' to settle disputes.
6. There is little evidence of long wars in Australasia, South East Asia, most of the Americas (where there are known slaughters in South America from an invading northern group).
7. South East Asia lacks evidence of long term violence; even Vietnam came quickly to overcome the destruction of the 1940 to 1975 war.
8. Much of the Spanish Inquisition violence was directed against groups that opposed warfare - from the Cathars to Luther.
9. The Nazis executed pacifists in the 1940's, as did other European states in the 1914-1918 war.
10. Evidence of those participating in war indicate that less than 20% of participants in front line units reported shooting at, let along killing an opponent. This comes from statistics from the Battle of Britain air war, through to more recent research on WW I and II and American Civil War.

Beyond this evidence that few men actively and willingly engage in violence and war, no Gods have placed war as the objective of their creed. War is defensive, the last and failed resort.

From the polytheism of the Earth Gods of pre-history to the monotheism of some modern groups, the edict is that war is a sin. War is an invention of Man and becaue man is cowardly, he places the blame on God.