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West Central Texas
Howdy, All.
Pointed here by Lorel, over at Dark Age Blog...
Interested in the stated mission, and intrigued bywhat I've read in the general
I'll admit, right up front, that I have a bit of a problem with Christianity, the Fundamentalist kind, that I run into...here in rural Texas.
I think that it may have been hijacked by the Political Right.
And that's a sad thing.
I'm Tolerant by nature, and have studied religion my whole life.
Guess I'm here to try and understand where this trend in US Christianity comes from...
and what it's trying to do...to reconcile the differences, as it were.
The cliche:"Intolerant of intolerance" is operative here.
I WANT to get along with my neighbors.
I just don't know how...even after a lifetime involved in Philosophy and Theology.
I have reached an impasse, and rather than just give up, and resort to hateful dismissal, I'd like to try and grok.

My own, personal, religious leanings are esoteric mysticism..Perennial Philosophy.
Really dig the Gnostics.
And folks like Rumi, Huxley, and especially Joseph Campbell...who started me on this seach when I found one of his books at 13.

Look foreward to discussion.
Welcome to the forums. You will fit right in with my experience with the Conservative Religious Right Types as I live in a city that has been dubbed the Evangelical Vatican. I am looking forward to your thoughts. :)
Thanks, all...I fear i've become somewhat strident in my opposition to the Christo-Fascistic tendancies I see all around me...esp. these last 8 years.
I figger it's more of a political thing, than a religious.
Hope so.
In my youth, I went to all manner of Church/Temple/etc., and talked w/ anyone who was different than me, faith-wise.(almost everyone,lol)
Past 10+ years, that has been difficult.
I've noticed a kind of fortress-building...as I said, esp. among the more Right-leaning Christians.
Some of this, I'm certain, is due to my isolation...Wilderness.
I guess that's the thing I'm looking to understand better.
Namaste and welcome amfortas,

It can be challenging at times, but worth the attempt to bridge the gap. I believe if you find resistence it is an indication that there is something there worth pursuing...a place to find a breakthru.

I relish in the fact that I can sit and listen and find some solace in most beliefs. I think some of the various belief systems are tests to see if we can maintain a concept of oneness, of non duality, of unconditional love, of acceptance....
Christofascists vs. Homofascists

This ought to be fun.

Welcome to IO amfortas!