Can anyone convince me to not to believe in God?

I guess.. I'd like to see if there is an argument that can convince me otherwise. I guess theres nothing wrong with or not believing in God as long as your a positive human being (whatever that means). Maybe everything we believe is just an expression of our nature. In terms of religions and its relation to society this is quite true. God created us in the image of himself or vice versa or maybe both are true.
:cool:Dear PostMaster,
To me, it doesn't sound like you are so convinced as others who have been documented historically as having the like experiences. I am one, 'Jah' is 'ONE', and all the prophets of 'Jah' agrees. Who has taught you your beliefs, or where do they come from? Because without the 'Spirit', the 'Ruach' of 'YHWH', and the 'WORD' which was made flesh, no man can come unto the 'FATHER', and no man can grasp the deep knowledge and mind of whom you call G-O-D.
Where doth come thy knowledge of the 'MOST HIGH'?
Shalom be unto you, and unto everyone who readeth
the words of eternal life. Amen? Amen.
{2Tomothy 3:16; John 14:6; Luke 12:12; Matt. 13:11; and
John 1:1,14}
Shalom be unto all who reads,
in HaShem 'YESHUAH'Messiah'.