The person above me is of the opinion that..."

[Dream] Pizza is one of those amazing foods that even when it's bad, it's still pretty good. Unless, of course, you insist on putting okra on it. (That would demean both the okra and the pizza.) [/Dream]
When I fancy a pizza there is only one place to go.. Dalai Padrino's authentic Italian Buddhist cuisine right here in downtown Seattle. When Marco Polo brought pasta back to Italy he also brought Pizza! The tofu, beansprout and garden spinach variety is especially pleasing. Washed down with a glass of ice cold glacial melt water all the way from Tibet.... of course.
<jt3>If it moves, don't use. If it doesn't, make sure it isn't just asleep. If it is, don't use. If it's properly dead, pile it on, unless it's - um - we won't discuss. :D</jt3>

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
my pussy seems to love the pizza delivery man, rubbing up against him when he comes down with my favorite topping [anchovies]
In my drive for self sufficiency my Pizza is not at all ordinary. The base is made from flour ground from lightly roasted acorns which gives it a nutty kind of wholemeal flavour. I grow my own tomatoes and herbs which I combine to make a sauce that I have had several Pizza chains offering me large sums of money for the recipe. The secret ingredient being finely chopped broom flowers. My favourite topping is rabbit or snails, crunchy pignuts and baby kelp. The mozzarella I use is also home made from guinea-pig milk, though the milking process is difficult.... it takes several days of milking to get enough for even a small pizza, thus pizza is a rare treat for me.
One day I took a friend with me to the top of the famous leaning Tower of Pizza. Not a very exciting story, but so delicious.
Pizza isn't bad, except for the cheese, I'm lactose intolerant so I need cheese made out of Rice Dream. And the sauce, nightshades cause my arthritis to flair up, so I use guacomole instead. And the crust, gluten backs me up, so a good ezekial bread uncooked does the trick. And those toppings, don't they have any originality? Sausage and Pepperoni?? I've always wondered who were the guys sitting around the campfire with a pig on a spit looking at the pile of entrails, genetials, ears, and decided...."hey, if we squeeze all the poop out of these tubes we could grind the rest up and stuff it in there and put in on pizza?" I dream of a ezekial bread pizza with guacomole and rice cheese with ramps, rhubarb and uglifruit toppings...yum, yum
Subject change: Art

I don't have an artistic bone in my body, I can barely draw a stick figure, but I like functional art such as hand-crafted chairs and salt n pepper shakers, clothes, decorative mirrors, that sort o' thing. There's a guy in DC who build mootrcycles from scrap iron. 'Tis beautiful work! I also knew a woman in California whose neice made mannequins from clothepins, scrap wood, buttins... she made the skrits and clothes out of old hand-me-downs, tableclothes... very creative... she made $5 million and retired a few years ago, now she does volunteer work here in DC at churches and soup kitchens. I see a lot of artists, take note: mannequines, scrap metal, venture capitalism: you could be the next Bill Gates... 'tis amazing...

As an artist I'm unbeatable! I went and got an MRI scan of my brain, and I like to watch the video tape the doctor gave me. In there among all the squishy brain noodles you can see the face of Jesus. Its hard to make out what he's saying but I think its "and you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind..."
[Dream] Art (Garfunkle) is OK, but it's pretty clear by now that Paul (Simon) was the brains of the group. Gotta hand it to Art though, he could really sing. [/Dream]
{juantoo} I am a master of the Tantric Art of pleasure giving. This form of sacred loving is a pure art form which few can master. Come and visit my Tantric Art Retreat.
I Muslimwoman, believe that I am ART, Body mind and soul.
I've got soul but Im not a soldier.
My majic carpet bedoin tent and my lavish gold trinkets epitomise my very beliefs of art is me and I am art.

(apologies Sal, I dont know where that came from. LOL)
(ps, Im more autistic than artistic, really)
<greymare>I check the scene through the viewfinder, my friend hoisting the mainsail along with several of his friends, before clicking the shutter release. I quickly change my focus to the crows nest where one of my sons is hanging out. "Click".

Tomorrow, I'm going to take some pictures of Aborigine pictographs. :D</greymare>

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Beware, beware the softest touch and my stare. My mind is lightning and my heart is a blazing torch. With a simple stroke I'll set the same into you before you can object and without your even knowing. Now bring me my food.
I love performance art. I'd like to see more of the stuff nobody does.

We once used for cases of tin foil to wrap the tree trunks and branches in the forest for almost a half acre...that was delightful.

I dream of getting some volunteers to bathe in a quick hardening plaster, I'll use hammers to break you out, and then arange the pieces in a sculpture mosaic.

don't forget to sign your releases.
[wil] Namaste

Art to me is a thing to be experienced. Whether juggling flaming couches while standing on stilts, or teaching politicians how to properly wear a clown suit replete with a properly inflated red rubber nose, art must be experienced to get the full spiritual impact. :D [/wil]
To me God is the greatest artist of them all! It even says it in the first line of the Lords prayer; "Our Father who art in heaven". To me the Lord paints in every color, every hue and he paints Himself and he paints through you. But I am better at rhyme :)